Credit Card Denied? Call These Reconsideration Phone Numbers
Hilary Stockton

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Denied for a credit card application after applying for some of the best travel credit cards? Don't fret yet. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for a reconsideration phone call, with credit card reconsideration phone numbers for Chase, American Express, Citibank, Bank of America and Barclaycard listed below.

1. Don't procrastinate: if you wait a month or longer, you'll need to apply again, resulting in another hard credit pull, so make sure to call the credit card reconsideration number less than a month after applying. I recommend calling right after you apply.

2. Know your credit score and history: See our post Understand How Your Credit Score Works to Maximize Credit Card Rewards, where we explain how to get your credit score and reports. Have a copy of your report from at least one, if not all three, of the credit card reporting bureaus (Equifax, Transunion and Experian) and have them handy so you can reference your recent credit activity and inquiries. One of the most common reasons for a denial is "too many recent inquiries" so you definitely want to make sure you know what your reports say and that it matches your actual activity.

3. Know your history with the bank: Make sure you know all the cards you currently have open with the bank whose reconsideration line you are calling, when you opened them, and any issues (hopefully no late payments or balances) with any of them.

4. Avoid closing any existing credit cards with that bank before the call: As you'll see in 6., you want the flexibility to move credit from one of the cards you may not use much to the card you want to get approved for. So make sure you don't close any credit cards from that bank before the call. 

5. Have good reasons for applying for the new card: "I really like the current bonus mile/point offer" is NOT a good reason. Some good reasons could be:

  • The no foreign transaction fee is important to me, as I do a lot of international traveling, and/or buy things from foreign-based companies that would otherwise incur foreign transaction fees
  • The EMV Chip is important to me, since I travel internationally and have run into situations where my magnetic stripe card doesn't work (Hyatt Visa)
  • The 2x points for dining is such a great benefit, since I dine out a lot / entertain clients often (Chase Sapphire Preferred)
  • I travel frequently and the 3x points for airline spend is a great fit for my needs (AMEX Premier Rewards Gold)
  • I'm planning a number of trips with [Airline X] because [I've moved and Airline X offers more nonstop flights from here / I've decided I prefer Airline X for __________]
  • My spouse/friend has this card and highly recommended it to me


6. Volunteer to reduce credit on another card: It's usually harder to get approved for additional credit than moving credit from an existing card you have with the bank to the card you want to get approved for. So you can say something like "I was wondering if you might be able to approve me for this card, by moving some of the credit from Credit Card X."

7. Be polite: Regardless of the outcome, never lose your cool and remain positive and polite. If the representative still denies you, thank them for their help and end the call. You can always call back a few days later and see if a different representative will approve you, but you certainly don't want any negative notes made about you.

8. Be patient: Even after getting approved, it can still take some time for the approval to show up online (allow 1 week) and could take up to 2 weeks to get the actual card. If you need the card sooner to make some large purchases, ask nicely if they would be willing to expedite the card to you.


1. Chase Credit Card Reconsideration

  • 888-245-0625 (personal credit analyst, 7am-10pm EST M-F; 8am-10pm EST Sat. and 9am-9pm Sun.)
  • 800-453-9719 (business credit analyst, 8am-10pm EST M-F)

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2. American Express Credit Card Reconsideration

  • 800-567-1083 (application status)
  • 877-399-3083 (new accounts; can forward you to reconsideration reps) 8am-midnight EST M-F, 10am-6:30pm Saturday

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3. Citibank Credit Card Reconsideration

  • 800-695-5171 or 888-201-4523 (credit analyst) 7am - midnight ET (6am - 11pm CT) daily 
  • 800-763-9795 (personal and business card application status) 7am-midnight EST 7 days a week; can transfer you to a credit analyst
  • Note that if you are denied, you'll need to write snail mail to Ken Stork, Office of the President, P.O. Box 6000, Sioux Falls, SD 57117 for reconsideration.


4. Bank of America / Bank of Hawaii Credit Card Reconsideration

  • 866-865-7839 (personal credit analyst, 8am-9pm EST M-F) 
  • 800-601-3923 (business credit analyst, 8am-7pm EST M-F)
  • 800-481-8277 (business credit card application status; will transfer you to a business credit analyst)
  • 877-721-9405 (application status; press 3 then enter your SSN)
  • Bank of America Online Application Status Check to check the status of a credit card application


5. Barclaycard Credit Card Reconsideration

Note: I do NOT recommend applying for Capital One cards, if you care about travel. If you need a cash back card to supplement your frequent flyer miles and transferable points credit cards, the Chase Freedom (with rotating quarterly 5X categories and no annual fee) or Barclaycard Arrival Plus is a better travel cash back card to get for these reasons:
  • Less Damage to Your Credit Score: Chase typically does only one hard credit pull, from Experian; Capital One pulls from all 3, hurting your credit score
  • Better Return on Your Spend: the Chase Freedom offers 5X on rotating categories, and points can be transferred out to airlines such as Singapore, Korean, United and British Airways if you also have a Sapphire Preferred or Ink Plus. Barclaycard Arrival Plus gives an effective 2.22% cash back when redeeming for travel, vs. 2% for Capital One
  • Redeem for Part of a Travel Expense, Even if You Don't Have Enough Points: With the Capital One Venture, you need to have enough points for the entire redemption. With the Barclaycard Arrival Plus, you can make a partial redemption in increments of 2500 points, even if you don't have enough for the entire travel expense.
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User_avatar_default John C. commented 06 Mar 2012
Great advice, especially about not closing an existing credit card before calling the reconsideration phone number. In my case, the bank insisted that I close an existing account before they approved my new card.
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 06 Mar 2012
Thanks John, glad you found it helpful. Sometimes the bank does insist, but if they don't, and it's a no fee card I've had for awhile, I try to keep it open even after moving some of the credit line over since it helps maintain a longer average age of accounts which is a positive metric.
Picture?type=large Robert S. commented 16 Jul 2013
Great info Hilary, thanks so much! I completed my AOR today and called on each card that I wasn't instantly approved for. Used your tips and all calls were successful. It's very important to know the features of the card you applied for (I made notes before my calls). My first Barclays app was approved instantly online, but I had to call in after my second app. Rep asked why I was applying for two in the same day and why I wanted the ArrivalWorld MC. I didn't mention the sign up bonuses at all, but rather keyed in on the no FT fees, 10% redemption bonus, and all around good card for my upcoming uptick in work and personal travel ;-) As a point of reference, the rep started off the call with further questions for me (Annual Income, length of employment, job description, etc.) I was confident and very polite, using the reps name and was very clear why I wanted both cards. I felt like it was a song and dance, or sales pitch! Also called Chase to get approval on my two apps, but I'll post those notes in the "how many chase cards..." thread. Thanks again Hilary, great stuff! (and I used your links for all my apps today, hope that helps you!)
User_avatar_default TrAAveller D. commented 11 Oct 2013
The BOA numbers no longer apply for personal reconsiderations. The numbers have been disabled (866-458-8805 or 888-503-6090 (personal credit analyst))
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 11 Oct 2013

Thanks for letting me know; I've updated the Bank of America personal credit card reconsideration number above, which is operational 8am-8pm ET weekdays. Hope your reconsideration call goes well!

User_avatar_default Mordechai I. commented 03 Nov 2013
What about Discover recon numbers ????????
User_avatar_default Elliot W. commented 26 Feb 2014
800-545-7899 is no longer reconsideration for Bank of America, it just gets you someone who can tell you the status. 866-865-7839 worked for me to get a credit analyst who could reconsider on the line.
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 26 Feb 2014
Thanks Elliot for sharing your experience; updated the post to keep only the 866-865-7839 number for Bank of America personal credit cards reconsideration.
User_avatar_default Sam S. commented 26 Feb 2014
chase reconsideration lines are open 8am to 10pm only.
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 26 Feb 2014
Thanks Sam--Chase reconsideration credit analyst hours have changed since this article was first posted, I've updated it.
Picture?type=large Sean H. commented 08 Jun 2014
Barclays number is saying they're 8AM-5PM ET M-F, not 8AM-10PM 7 days per week. I say that having called on a Monday. Interestingly, I called Citi at 2PM CDT on a Sunday was promptly connected to an empowered analyst in SD to handle my Citi Exec application. It was FANTASTIC. I neglected to ask about their hours.
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 08 Jun 2014
Sean, thanks very much for your comment and sharing your experience. I've updated the post to reflect the Barclays and Citi credit analyst hours. Oh, and very cute photo :)
Picture?type=large Jerry P. commented 26 Jun 2014
Very helpful, thanks! Mentioning long relationship with the bank led to a quick approval.
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 26 Jun 2014
Jerry, super! Glad you were able to get approved quickly via reconsideration.
Picture?type=large Andrew L. commented 27 Jun 2014
SUCCESS! Called the Chase reconsideration line today after getting a "We'll get back to you within 30 days" message a few days ago for Chase Ink Plus online application. I was declined solely because I applied (and was approved) for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card on the same day I applied for this one. Didn't have to state a reason why I needed/wanted the card - they quickly noticed on their own that the only issue was the other Chase inquiry and approved me for the Ink Plus over the phone in about 5 minutes.
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 27 Jun 2014
Andrew, so glad to hear your Chase reconsideration call went well and you were approved for your Ink Plus card! It's a very handy small business card to have, with its various 5X and 2X categories, especially with Singapore KrisFlyer now a transfer partner (helping to mitigate a bit the United Award Chart devaluation earlier this year).
Picture?type=large Seongsoo K. commented 15 Aug 2014
I applied chase Freedom and I had BOA cash reward card about 11 months at the time of application. Now BOA is about a year old, and I called reconsideration dept. They declined me two times today. What should I do for next step??
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 05 Sep 2014
Seongsoo, sorry to hear that you were declined. Anytime you're declined, within 60 days of being declined you can request a free copy of your credit report if your application was denied based on information supplied by a credit bureau. Ask Chase for this, since there may be issues, either real or errors, that are keeping you from being approved.
Picture?type=large Safuvan S. commented 01 Sep 2014
Hi there, Do you have Capital One reconsideration line #? Also do you have any experience dealing with them? I just applied for Venture and they turned me down!
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 05 Sep 2014
Safuvan, I don't recommend the Capital One cards at all, for reasons mentioned in the post. If you care at all about travel, I recommend you look at the cards I list at
Picture?type=large Anny C. commented 05 Sep 2014
awesome , called the chase recon number and got approved for an amazon rewards card… i also will like to add that on the #7. where it says be polite there's a typo it should say never lose your cool not call… and a good recon for capital one which i called is : 1800-889-9939 … thanks ..
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 05 Sep 2014
Anny, glad you were able to get approved and thanks for the typo correction (fixed), but these are cards I don't recommend, if you care about travel rewards. I added a note explaining why the Barclays Arrival Plus is a better travel card for cash back than any of the Capital One cards. And the other best travel cards are mentioned at
Picture?type=large Hillary Z. commented 13 Sep 2014
Hey, I applied the chase freedom card and got declined because of short established history(4 months). I'm on top of my bills and payments are all on time. I called the reconsideration number and all the lady caed was the short credit history. Do you think it might work with a different person or should I wait for another 2 months? or wait till I have credit history of one year?
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 13 Sep 2014
Hillary, as 4 months is fairly short, I would recommend waiting a few months before trying again. In the meantime, do you have a spouse, partner or parent that has a strong credit score that could add you as an authorized user, to help with your credit score? See
Picture?type=large Katherine B. commented 22 Sep 2014
Hi Hilary, I don't have any unsecured credit cards and am trying to get one. I had two long periods of unemployment so I went to cash only for purchases. My credit score also tanked due to trying to keep up without having a job. I thought that by not having any credit cards, except two secured ones, and a mortgage that my credit score would get better. I read that this is not the case so I applied for a Barclays "Discover it" credit card. It was denied because its showing my Equifax credit file is frozen. I froze it 7 years ago when my wallet was stolen so am going to fix that. What is the best reason I should use for wanting to get their card if they should deny me? Should I cite the periods of unemployment? I have 9 years of steady employment now. Or, should I use another reason? I don't have any credit card balances to transfer. I'm a bit stumped as to what reason to use. Thanks!
Picture?type=large John F. commented 10 Nov 2014
Hi Hilary I have the Barclays Rewards card and have had for only 2 months. I applied for the Barclays Ring and was denied. I called the recon number and was denied again due to a bankruptcy that included the Juniper Barclays card form 2008. I did answer all the questions and was very polite and hung up with saying thank you very much for your help. She did say may e after there's more history with the new Barclays Reward they might take that into consideration. The only way to find out is to wait a bit but I do t want to get hit with another inquiry in a few months. Should I try calling back in a couple of days to see what happens? Is there anything else I could say to improve my chances?
Picture?type=large Gaurav K. commented 16 Jan 2015
Hilary--do you have a good stock answer if you are asked why there have been other card accounts opened recently? I always have a hard time answering that one. I'm guessing most of us apply for cards every three months so I am sure I am not the only one who faces this.
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 16 Jan 2015
That's a great question, and I would say it's better to have a more specific answer than a stock answer. Some good reasons for recently opening a few different credit cards are a move or change in the airlines you fly or the hotels you stay at, such that it makes sense to have the affiliated credit cards; specific category spend bonuses that make sense given your spend patterns; or the need for specific business cards so as to separate personal and business spend. Find reasons that are true for your situation, but stay away from "because there was a great card bonus." Barclays in particular is keen to avoid card churners, so a lot of recently opened accounts do create red flags. I try to go 4-6 months with no card applications before applying for Barclays cards.
Picture?type=large Gaurav K. commented 16 Jan 2015
So two things--I hate calling back but I did it anyways and they approved me for my third and last US Airways card :). Secondly, Barclays seems to have a 24 hour number you can call for reconsideration. When I called just before 5 EST the agent was having trouble with his computer and told me I could call back anytime at 866.558.7672 (worked for me past 11 pm on a Friday night).
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 16 Jan 2015
Congrats on getting approved after calling back! That's great to know, thanks for sharing this 24 hour number--will try it out and update the post.
Picture?type=large Gaurav K. commented 16 Jan 2015
Funny you should mention Barclays specifically. That was the reason for my post. I've had the US airways card with them twice and was hoping for one last bonus before the merger. I had closed out my last US airways card a month ago and have carried the Arrival for more than a year and paid the annual fee. No luck. Oh well. Thanks for the other suggestions. I just have a hard time saying that stuff with a straight face sometimes :).
Picture?type=large Gerardo F. commented 05 Mar 2015
I called the CitiBusiness reconsideration line. I was told that I was declined because I defaulted on a Citi card when I filed bankruptcy in 1996. I was a college student at the time and had received an $11,000 insurance bill for a car accident I caused. The balance on the Citi card was under $2,000. I was transferred to a supervisor for clarification. The supervisor said it was policy not to extend credit under these circumstances, despite my stellar credit record. She said policy may change but it sounded like an excuse. I thanked her. I will try again later next week. I would love to hear some ideas.
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 02 May 2015
I'm a little surprised that a bankruptcy back in 1996, assuming everything stellar since then, is preventing an approval; have you been able to get any Citi personal cards approved? Or has Citi declined you for all Citi credit cards, not just this CitiBusiness card? How about other issuers--have you gotten approved by Chase, AMEX, etc.? It may be that Citi is simply that stringent when it comes to a bankruptcy involving a Citi card, in a way that it wouldn't be if the card you'd defaulted on belonged to another issuer. If you have a business partner or trusted family member that can add you as an authorized user to a Citi account, I'd try that for a few months to a year, to improve your chances when you next apply for a Citi card.
User_avatar_default Pa R. commented 21 Mar 2015
Cap1 cards are very useful IF you know what you are doing. They offer good targeted signup bonuses for their Spark 2% cashback cards ($500) and their 1.5% cashback cards. 40K for the Venture is also pretty decent and worthwhile if you're running out of cards to apply for. Because of the Venture card's useful feature, I now put all my spend on it rather than the "better" 2.2% Arrival. Ease of payment overwhelms the extra it's easier to redeem charges against. 3 hard pulls are a red herring as most people have plenty of spare "pull capacity" on the less commonly used credit agencies (for me, 90% of my pulls are on Experian, so the occasional pull on TU and EQ are effectively meaningless - and to miss out on $500 cash offers with cards that have useful benefits for MS is a crying shame). Plus Cap1 is surprisingly nice to use - redeem cashback/points in any amount at any time and cashback/points post as soon as the charge posts (no waiting for statment to close or payment made).
Picture?type=large Chrisonal Z. commented 02 May 2015
Hilary, I am confused with the identity verification by Chase. Cause some get approved but some declined. There was time people got approved if they were required for verification. Is it the same right now? or it is 50-50 possibility?
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 02 May 2015
Chrisonal, what kind of identify verification requests are you getting from Chase? Or if you're just referring to the general reconsideration process, if can occur for several reasons, for example if you already have other Chase cards and are at or near the credit line limit that Chase is willing to extend to you, or if you've recently applied for other credit or loans such that Chase may not want to approve you for more credit right now, etc.
Picture?type=large Gerardo F. commented 02 May 2015
I've been approved for all kinds of cards (AMEX,Chase, Capital One, Barclays, BofA) including a Citi AAdvantage Platinum personal. I wrote CitiBusiness a reconsideration letter but never heard back from them. You win some, you lose some.
Picture?type=large Sunny X. commented 04 May 2015
Hilary, I called the Chase reconsideration line today for the Ink Plus application and was asked a few questions about my business. Then I was declined because of 1) business is not established for a long time (two months) and 2) insufficient revenues. Do you think I should call back again? I have had the Sapphire card for 1.5 years and have great credit history. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
Picture?type=large Michael W. commented 31 Jul 2015
The Bank of America line 1-866-458-8805 is not working anymore, I was able to get through with the number 866-811-4108
Picture?type=large Leigh H. commented 11 Sep 2015
Thank you Hillary, with your help the chase reconsideration line just approved me for the sapphire card do to my error inputting my income. Thankfully the rep realized 1137 dollars yearly was a mistake she quickly approved me. I was willing to split my freedom cards limit in half to obtain the sapphire I would have never known to do that if it wasn't for your site. Happy to say I did not have to!!! Thanks again!!
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 18 Sep 2015
Thanks Leigh, so glad this post was helpful for your reconsideration call, and congrats on getting approved!
Picture?type=large Sean H. commented 18 Sep 2015
Bank of America small business credit analyst: 1-800-601-3923
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 18 Sep 2015
Thanks Sean, just added this number along with hours of operation.
Picture?type=large Suresh B. commented 14 Feb 2016
My BOA Better Balance Reward Platinum Plus MasterCard got rejected with below reason- "You do not have a sufficient number of credit references and you do not have sufficient established revolving credit accounts." What does this means ? I have 7 Credit Card and Auto Loan without any negative remarks.
Picture?type=large Isaaca J. commented 28 Mar 2016
Did I recon for Barclays and got approved for a card with a 500 limit! Thank you
User_avatar_default Sam S. commented 01 Apr 2016
User_avatar_default Sam S. commented 01 Apr 2016
Chase Reconsideration line now is only open from 9-5pm. They are now very tough to get a card approved.
Picture?type=large Tyler L. commented 28 Apr 2016
Called the Barclaycard recon number this morning after being rejected online last night (well, was told it was under review, but checking the status site immediately told me I was denied). As a result of this phone call, I was approved with a $6500 credit limit (for balance transfer)! On the phone I walked through my income & work history, checking & retirement account balances, as well as my recent credit history (i.e. recently paid off student & car loans, how much I've been paying down my balance in recent months, how much I intend to pay monthly going forward). I also explained that I occasionally visit Canada, and am interested in having a MasterCard with no foreign transaction fee (since my AMEX isn't widely accepted there) - I figured maybe that'd help demonstrate I'm not just going to close the account once I've used repaid my balance transfer (12 months promotional 0% APR). I had a TransUnion score of 705, which is the lowest I've been in years (taken on some unexpected credit card debt), so really needed this fresh start to pay down the remainder of my debt. Note: the hard inquiry posted fairly immediately to my credit file, and dropped my score to 698 (though I expect the improved credit utilization ratio will offset that in the next month or so). Since I'm not looking to apply for new credit for at least a year or so (car and/or home), this was a good move for me (even though it does lower my average account age - but I have another recently-opened Citi credit card, that I'll be paying off & closing by then, which will help).
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