20X Bonus Points at Sears via Ultimate Rewards Mall

The Ultimate Rewards Mall August bonus points offers include 10X for Sears using the Ink Bold or Sapphire Preferred, but you can potentially get another 10X, for a total of 20X if you first buy Sears gift cards, then again go through the Ultimate Rewards Mall when using them. Keep in mind that Sears includes Lands' End and Kmart, so you have plenty of options to front load some of your spend for the year and get 20X bonus points for them. So if you bought $2000 worth of Sears gift cards then went through the Ultimate Rewards Mall to use them, you'd get 40,000 points; if you bought $5000 worth you'd get 100,000 points. This is also a good way to meet minimum spend if you recently got the Ink Bold; for some other ideas, check out Maximizing the Chase Ink Bold 50,000 Bonus-How to Meet Minimum Spend

Here's a step by step guide:

1. Log in to Ultimate Rewards Using Your Ink Bold or Sapphire Preferred Account

The Ultimate Rewards Mall shows different bonuses depending on which Chase card you use to log in, so if you use the Chase Freedom, you'll see a 3X bonus offer instead of 10X


2. Click on the Earn Faster Dropdown and Select “Earn Bonus Points at the Ultimate Rewards Mall”

20X Points at Sears via Ultimate Rewards Mall

3. Select Sears 

You can either select Sears from the rotating banners at the top or do a quick search for Sears in the left hand search field. Make sure you're not already on the Sears.com site; I always recommend starting with a fresh browser or clearing your cache to make sure there's no chance that any prior browsing activitiy could interfere with your earning Ultimate Rewards Mall bonus points.


4. Click the Green “Start Shopping” button to go to Sears.com

20X Bonus Points at Sears via Ultimate Rewards Mall

5. Go to Gift Cards and Note the Terms 

You should note that Sears gift cards can be purchased for a maximum denomination of $500 each and cannot be used to buy other gift cards. While the terms don't say this, you also won't be able to use them for any Sears Marketplace items where you end up clicking through to the merchant's site (that is, you can't add them to your Sears.com cart). 

20X Bonus Points at Sears via Ultimate Rewards Mall

20X Points at Sears via Ultimate Rewards Mall

6. Purchase Your Sears Gift Cards

You can get physical cards (arrive in 3-7 days) but, unless you're planning to resell these cards, I'd recommend getting eGift cards so that you can receive them within 1 hour or so. While you usually receive the Ultimate Rewards bonus regardless of the actual credit card you use (which is how you would potentially receive another 10X  by going through the Ultimate Rewards Mall again and paying with Sears gift cards) I recommend you use either your Ink Bold or Sapphire Preferred when purchasing your Sears gift cards, just to ensure you at least get 10X, since I have heard of folks that have not gotten their expected bonus points when using another card. I think most of these cases involved also using a discount code or coupon, but just know that you won't get any help from Chase in getting your bonus points in the event you didn't get the bonus points but used a different card.

Note that before you receive your emailed gift cards, you'll likely get a call from Sears to verify your identity–don't worry, it's standard procedure, so just answer the multiple choice questions they ask you. 

20X Points at Sears via Ultimate Rewards Mall


7. Go Through Ultimate Rewards and Pay with Sears Gift Cards for Another 10X

Before you do this, I would comparison shop to make sure that you're paying a similar price, or at least a very small premium when going through Sears.com vs. another channel, such as Amazon or the company's own site. This is especially true for high priced electronics. And don't forget to do your shopping before September 1, as there's no guarantee that Sears will have a 10X bonus in September. 


8. View Your Ultimate Rewards Mall Bonus Points

Ultimate Rewards Mall points are usually quick to post, within a few days, but the terms do say that it can take up to 45 days to appear. To view them, go to the “Rewards Activity” dropdown and select “Ultimate Rewards Mall & Travel Earnings”


Do you plan to get 20X points at Sears using the Ultimate Rewards Mall and Ink Bold or Sapphire Preferred



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