1609 Restaurant Bermuda Review

1609 Restaurant Bermuda Review
1609 Restaurant, Located by the Ocean at the Hamilton Princess, Bermuda

This 1609 Restaurant Bermuda Review is from our recent stay at the Hamilton Princess, a Fairmont hotel. Names for the year the Sea Venture was shipwrecked on Bermuda, launching the island's first colony, the restaurant is one of the hotel's three main restaurants, together with Marcus' (currently closed) and Crown & Anchor.

Entrance to 1609 Restaurant Bermuda Review


1609 Restaurant Location and Hours

We could see 1609 Restaurant from our suite's balcony, since it's located just beyond the resort's main infinity pool, by the ocean. Note that at time of writing, the restaurant is only open Thursday-Sunday, from 11am-10pm; it's closed Monday-Wednesday.

It's popular, so we do recommend making advance reservations for dinner. As at all restaurants in Bermuda, you must wear a face mask until you're seated at your table, as well as if you get up to move around the restaurant. At the table, paper bags are provided to keep your face mask clean.

1609 Restaurant Bermuda Review


1609 Restaurant Menu and Food

The all day menu, available for both lunch and dinner, focuses on seafood and meat options, with several vegetarian offerings.

1609 Restaurant Menu
1609 Restaurant Menu

There were also a few specials on the evening we dined:

1609 Restaurant Bermuda Dinner Specials


There wasn't any complimentary bread, which would have been welcome, and which was provided at a few other Bermuda restaurants we dined at. That said, with a hungry 12-year old son, we were happy that kids 12 and under enjoy half price on items from the regular menu (there's also a kids' menu with choices such as grilled salmon with broccoli and corn for $15, kids' spaghetti, kids' pizza, or fish fingers, but the portions are rather small for a hungry 12-year old).

Our son chose the Bonito with chimichurri sauce and sides of mac and cheese and bok choy. I was surprised to see Bonito on the menu, thinking of it as the Bonito we had in Japan. Bermudan Bonito ended up being a local white fish with a flavor more akin to Hamachi. The fish was perfectly cooked, slightly sweet as it was so fresh, and everyone loved it (since my husband and I took tax bites).

1609 Restaurant Bermuda: Fresh Bonito with Mac and Cheese and Bok Choy


My husband loved his Lobster Carbonara pasta. The taste was excellent, although I thought it could have had a bit more lobster for its $38 price.

Lobster Carbonara, 1609 Restaurant Review, Bermuda


I'd chosen the Korean BBQ Ribeye Pork Chops, and was very happy with the taste, tenderness, and size of the chops. he portion was ample enough to give my husband about a third of the meat and still have plenty for myself. The kimchi potato salad was a creative and tasty complement.

Korean BBQ Ribeye Pork Chops, 1609 Restaurant Review


We decided to split a serving of the 10 Layer Chocolate & Caramel Gateau, and it's a good thing the three of us split it–it was both extremely sweet and huge. Personally, I would have preferred higher quality bittersweet chocolate, say Callebaut, and more of a sea salt caramel to cut some of the one note sweetness, but the rest of my family eagerly devoured their portions while I talked to the head chef, who came around to visit the tables and thanked us for coming.

10 Layer Chocolate & Caramel Gateau, 1609 Restaurant Bermuda


The Verdict

1609 was the culinary highlight of our stay at the Hamilton Princess, not only for the excellent dinner, but also the friendly service, including a visit from the restaurant's chef. The only slight weak point was the dessert–as a dessert fiend I'd like to have seen more interesting choices, and felt the chocolate caramel gateau was too sweet, but my husband and son quickly seized upon the portion I didn't eat, so less picky dessert eaters than I am should be fine. And if you have a kid aged 12 or under, it's great to be able to order for them off the regular menu for half price–an excellent deal in pricey Bermuda.

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