Chase Reconsideration: To Call or Not to Call?
Hilary Stockton

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Chase Reconsideration: To Call or Not to Call?


With Chase about to make it harder to get approved for co-branded cards, should you call Chase reconsideration or not? On FlyerTalk, applicants are divided on whether calling helps or hurts your chances of getting approved.

The Case for Not Calling Reconsideration

Here are some examples of folks who say calling reconsideration got their applications denied:

RobertHanson: "FWIW: DW [Dear Wife] applied for an Ink Plus twice in the last year, called in each time, and was denied both times. Applied again recently, got a demand to call in but ignored it. Then got a snail mail demand for address verification, sent in a copy of Cox Communications phone/internet bill with her name and address, and was approved a few days ago."

frudd38: "I guess I called in too early.. Applied on 2/10, pending with 2 week message until 3/1 then switched to 30 days, then on 3/4 it switched to 7-10 days. I ended up calling on 3/4 and was declined, agent basing notes on previous agent that touched it."

cchighman: "[Chase] sent me a targeted mail and invited me to apply for Sapphire Preferred so I ... applied. Instantly came back with "notify by mail". I called reconsideration line immediately and had bad luck with the CSR who basically told me "no"..."

And there are a number of examples of applicants who waited it out and eventually had their Chase applications approved without calling reconsideration:

maxswanson: "I applied for Ritz Carlton card on Feb. 20, 2016 and always wait for two weeks. I...did not call the reconsideration line. Today, I check my chase account and find I was approved with 38k credit line."

RobertHanson: "Dear Wife's last 2 Chase applications, a Marriott Visa last July and an Ink Plus a few weeks ago, changed from "30 days" to "7 to 10 days" on the auto line. In both cases she got a snail mail request to verify some info, after which the apps were approved without calling in."


The Case for Calling Reconsideration

Recently I applied for the British Airways Visa and the application went to pending. I didn't do anything for a couple weeks, and when I called the Chase automated application status number, 800-432-3117, got the message to wait for 30 days. So I called the Chase reconsideration line for personal credit card applications, 888-245-0625, and was connected to a polite and friendly representative. After verifying my details, and volunteering to reduce my credit limit on my Chase Freedom card, I was approved, although the representative was able to do it without reducing my credit limit on the Freedom or any of my other cards.

Nor is my experience unique; there are still ample reports of Flyertalkers calling Reconsideration and being approved:

revontulet: "I called in today [for the IHG Visa] and it wasn't too bad. The CSR verified my income, job, employer name, mortgage payments, etc. The hardest question was why I had so many new opened accounts. I offered to move $5000 [credit line] over from another card to get this new card approved and it worked!"

jumbojetz: "March 8 - Chase Freedom, submitted within seconds of the Sapphire Preferred application, no instant approval, called reconsideration immediately, explained I wanted it for quarterly bonuses, was asked a few income questions and rep immediately approved..."

grlmopz: "Yesterday, I received a rejection for the Fairmont Visa, but I was able to have it approved this morning by shifting around some credit..."

So ultimately, if you don't have a pressing need for the card, I could see giving it a couple weeks, and if you haven't gotten automatically approved within that time frame, calling Reconsideration. Better yet, if you think your total credit line may be an issue, during those two weeks of not calling in, reduce your credit line on one of your existing Chase cards where you don't need such a high credit line.


Maximizing Your Chances of Being Instantly Approved

You can maximize your chances of being instantly approved if you've been taking care of your credit worthiness by doing the following:

  • Paying credit cards in full before their due date, and having no delinquent accounts
  • Having low credit utilization, relative to your overall credit line
  • Having (or having had) different types of loans: mortgage, credit cards, student loans
  • Having a long credit history; it helps to have had credit cards for years that you've never canceled. No annual fee cards are perfect for this.
But one thing to keep in mind is that if you already have a number of Chase credit cards with high credit limits, you may be running up against the maximum credit that Chase is willing to extend to you. For that reason, it can be wise to proactively reduce your credit limits *before* applying for a new Chase credit card, to maximize your chances of being approved. While often the reduced credit limit will take effect within 1 business day, it's not a bad idea to wait a few days to a week to make sure, then apply.
What's your experience with calling (or not calling) Chase Reconsideration?
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