51st & Green US Preclearance Lounge Dublin Review

51st and Green US Preclearance Lounge Dublin


This 51st & Green U.S. Preclearance Lounge Dublin Review is from our recent visit, prior to boarding our Aer Lingus Business Class flight. Stay tuned for my Aer Lingus review and YouTube video. The name of this lounge relates to its location: under U.S. jurisdiction yet on Irish soil–the 51st alludes to a so-called 51st state–with the “Green” reflecting Ireland.

51st & Green U.S. Preclearance Lounge Dublin Location, Access and Hours

The 51st & Green U.S. Preclearance Lounge in Dublin is located in Terminal 2, after airport security and after the U.S. TSA screening and immigration. The entrance to the lounge is at the end of the hallway, close to Gates 405 and 406. The lounge is open daily (except Christmas Day) 7am-4pm, because the last U.S. bound flight departs soon after 4pm.

You'll have access if flying business class on Aer Lingus, American Airlines, Delta, United or Norwegian Air.

Otherwise, you can purchase lounge access online at the lounge's Web site link above for EUR 35, or EUR 39 at the lounge reception.

Flyertalker fanninrj reported oneworld Sapphire elite access back in 2016, but I haven't seen any more recent reports of elites being granted complimentary access; please comment if you have a more recent data point to report.

US Preclearance Lounge Dublin Review-by Gates 405-406


51st & Green U.S. Preclearance Lounge Dublin Amenities

The 51st & Green U.S. Preclearance Lounge is great for aviation enthusiasts, or anyone who enjoys runway views, since the lounge is located closer than any other major lounge I know of to the runway.

51st and Green Dublin US Preclearance Lounge Review-Tarmac Views

51st and Green Dublin US Preclearance Lounge-Views of Aer Lingus Planes


There are several seating areas; we chose a round alcove off to the right:

Review-51st and Green Dublin Lounge Seating


The center section has some banquette seating, and around it are armchairs:

51st and Green Dublin Lounge Review


There are also high backed chairs, and beyond the curved partition, some seating by a media projector in case you want to watch the news:

US Preclearance Lounge Dublin Review-Chairs and Media Area


There's also additional seating by the buffet, with round tables for drinks:

Review-51st and Green Dublin US Preclearance Lounge-Seating


In case you need to print out some items, there's a computer work station and printer:

Review-51st and Green Dublin Lounge-Business Center Computer Printer


There are two shower rooms, which are much nicer than I'm used to seeing in a business class lounge. Note that these shower rooms, while they have a large shower, don't have an en suite toilet, so you'll need to use the regular men's or women's toilets.

US Preclearance Lounge Dublin-Shower Room

Review-US Preclearance Lounge Dublin-Shower Room


Bath products were by Geneva Guild:

51st and Green Dublin US Preclearance Lounge Review-Shower Room-Geneva Guild Bath Products


51st & Green U.S. Preclearance Lounge Dublin Food and Drink

We were in the lounge in the afternoon, before our 4:05pm flight. There was some salad and slaw:

Review-51st and Green Dublin Lounge-Salads


There were roasted vegetables and cheese cubes:

Review-51st and Green Dublin Lounge-Roasted Vegetables-Cheese


Hot items included some pulled pork sliders; unfortunately these were quite dried out, and not very appetizing by the time we were in the lounge.

Review-51st and Green Dublin Lounge-Sandwiches


There were the remains of some asparagus, broad bean and roasted garlic risotto. The lounge should really replenish things more often, given the depleted dishes and poor presentation.

Review-51st and Green Dublin Lounge-Risotto


There were also bread rolls and wheat bread:

51st and Green Dublin US Preclearance Lounge-Bread


On the upside, the Irish Apple Pie was very tasty, as were the bitter dark chocolate brownies:

Review-51st and Green Dublin Lounge-Irish Apple Pie

Review-51st and Green Dublin Lounge-Roasted Vegetables-Brownies


My favorite part of the lounge was the Espresso bar. Most lounges only have self-serve espresso drinks from a machine, but here there was a live and friendly barista.

51st and Green Dublin US Preclearance Lounge-Espresso Bar


The cappuccino she made was fantastic:

51st and Green Dublin US Preclearance Lounge Review-Cappuccino


The Verdict

While I was sorry to miss visiting the Aer Lingus Business Class Lounge, I was very pleasantly surprised with the 51st & Green U.S. Preclearance Lounge in Dublin.  Not only was it spacious and modern, with great views of the tarmac, it had nicer shower facilities than many business class lounges, excellent cappuccino from the barista at the Espresso Bar, and good desserts (the Irish Apple Pie and brownies) if rather mediocre savory food. I just wish it had more power outlets–that seemed a real oversight for such a new lounge. I wouldn't pay EUR 35 or 39 for it with the short time we had in the lounge, but it was certainly a nice complimentary perk before boarding Aer Lingus Business Class.

While U.S. Preclearance didn't take long during our visit, it was worth the peace of mind to get through it and have only a short walk to our gate from the US Preclearance Lounge when it was time to board.

If you've recently visited the 51st & Green U.S. Preclearance Lounge in Dublin, what was your experience?

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Michael Moore
Michael Moore
4 years ago

I spent about 3 hours in 51st and Green yesterday 28th December 2019.
It was exactly what I need with that much time on hand. The food was ideal for me.
I appreciated the relaxed and quiet time. I did not hear one person on a mobile phone which was a rare experience these times in such lounges.
Is that a feature of 51st and Green?

Hilary Stockton
4 years ago
Reply to  Michael Moore

Glad you enjoyed your visit to the 51st & Green Lounge in Dublin, and great to hear yours was a quiet experience. I don’t believe there’s a prohibition on using mobile phones in the lounge, so you may have been lucky during your visit.