US Lifts Covid Test Requirement for Arriving Air Travelers

US Lifts Covid Test Requirement for Arriving Air Travelers


Finally: the U.S. will End Its Negative Covid Test Mandate for Passengers Flying to the U.S. The restriction will be lifted after midnight on Sunday, June 12, 2022, with the CDC reassessing the rule change in 90 days. Travelers departing for the U.S. before that time will still be subject to the current rule, which requires negative results from a COVID-19 test that meets CDC requirements taken the day before air travel to the U.S. for all air passengers two years or older.

As we wrote in U.S. Covid Entry Test Deterring International and U.S. Travelers, the requirement had long outlived its original usefulness in slowing the spread of COVID-19, given the rampant spread of variants within the U.S., as well as no testing requirement for land border crossings or U.S. domestic travelers, no face mask requirement on domestic U.S. flights, and no face mask requirements or other restrictions in most of the U.S.

The U.S. Travel Association has estimated that lifting the covid testing requirement could bring 5.4 million visitors to the US and an additional $9 billion in travel revenues through the remainder of 2022.

While we still plan to take our normal precautions when traveling this summer, bringing along plenty of KF94 face masks as well as Covid-19 nasal spray, we're relieved that we won't face the risk of a protracted stay abroad, and won't have to bring Abbott BinaxNOW tests with us that include telehealth supervision.

Will the end of the negative COVID-19 test requirement for airline passengers to the U.S. make you more likely to travel internationally?

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