Top Things to Do in Bora Bora if You Don’t Scuba Dive

Bora Bora-Top Things to Do - Submarine Scooter Aquabike


In Bora Bora, what are the top activities and things to do if you don't scuba dive? While for many folks the whole point of going to Bora Bora is to go diving, to see up close over 500 species of fish, blacktip sharks, Napoleon wrasse, lionfish, moray eels and the giant Pacific mantas, not everyone wants to or is able to dive. Here are some of the activities I suggest to my clients, most of whom stay at the Four Seasons Bora Bora with its Fourth Night Free offer and Preferred Partner Benefits (see Top 20 Four Seasons Third and Fourth Night Free Offers), who don't dive:

1. Snorkeling with Pure Snorkeling

Pure Snorkeling and its owner, Christophe Poch, who personally leads many of the snorkeling expeditions, gets rave reviews. The boat and snorkeling equipment is in excellent condition, and Christophe, Fabien and his team are incredibly expert guides to all the key snorkeling spots, from the Coral Garden to the Aquarium, yet also have a friendly, relaxed vibe. A half day trip is about 3.5 hours for ~105 EUR per person when booked via your hotel (shared trip, maximum of 8 guests).


2. Submarine Scooter

This is pretty unique, and to my knowledge only available in Bora Bora and Mauritius: your head remains dry, and there are two seats, which enable you to ride with a partner and talk about the fish and marine life as you see them. You could even go with a child (kids must be 8 or older) although the person steering the submarine scooter must be 17 or older. Allow 2 hours from pickup to dropoff, with the actual ride 30 minutes long. Cost per submarine scooter (so good for two passengers, includes boat transfers) is 243 EUR.


3. Vavau 4×4 Adventure

Want to see more than your resort and the underwater life? Take a 4×4 tour to discover the culture, history and flora and fauna of Bora Bora. You'll see World War II sites, ancient Tahitian temples, hear about traditional Tahitian customs and myths, and take in some gorgeous views. Just note that you're going offroad on some bumpy trails in places, so this is probably not a good bet for anyone with back issues.


4. Bora Bora Submarine

If you want to stay completely dry but still see the fish, or are traveling with older parents or young kids, the Bora Bora Submarine could be a good albeit pricey choice to be able to see the fish close up. You'll descend 100 feet and be able to see the many colorful fish, moray eels, black tip sharks, lemon sharks, barracudas and more through the 360 degree acrylic windows. The actual immersion is 35 minutes and is 222 EUR per person for a shared tour (up to 6 passengers) or 1275 EUR for a private tour, maximum of 6.

Bora Bora Things to Do - Submarine


5. Aqua Safari Helmet Dive

This sounds very cool, but I must say it unfortunately gets mixed reviews for this particular opertor, ranging from poor quality, overpriced photos to too many guests per staff member. Your head is in a helmet, so you can breathe normally, no scuba, snorkeling or even swimming skills needed, while you take in close up views of the incredible marine life and coral reef. Children must be at least 8 years old, and the immersion is 30 minutes for 130 EUR per person.

Bora Bora Things to Do - Helmet Dive


What are your favorite things to do in Bora Bora?

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