Rosewood Mayakoba Menus and Dining Review

Rosewood Mayakoba Menus and Dining Review


This Rosewood Mayakoba Menus and Dining Review is from a recent work trip to the Riviera Maya for ILTM Americas. See Rosewood Mayakoba Review: Deluxe Lagoon Suite for my site inspection, and Fairmont Mayakoba Breakfast and Dining Review for my dining experiences at the neighboring Fairmont Mayakoba resort.

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Rosewood Mayakoba Restaurants

Rosewood Mayakoba offers three restaurants:

  • Casa del Lago, situated by the main pool, serves daily breakfast 7-11:30am, lunch 12:30-4pm and dinner 6-11pm. It focuses on Italian cuisine prepared with Mexican ingredients.
  • Punta Bonita serves light lunches 11am-5pm, and regional Mexican cuisines for dinner 6-11pm.
  • Agave Azul Sushi Bar serves sushi and Asian entrees for dinner only, 5-11pm.

Casa del Lago Restaurant, Rosewood Mayakoba Review


Dinner at Casa del Lago

Casa del Lago is Rosewood Mayakoba's main all-day dining restaurant, and I have to admit I was a little skeptical of Italian food with Mexican ingredients, but if my dinner is anything to go by, it's quite subtle and the concept  is executed well.

I asked to be seated in one of the cozy banquettes in the quieter part of the restaurant, since there were a few larger groups. Here's the Casa del Lago dinner menu:

Casa del Lago Menu-Appetizers

Casa del Lago Menu-Pastas-Rosewood Mayakoba Review

Casa del Lago Menu-Main Dishes-Rosewood Mayakoba Review


I asked my server for recommendations, and as I was quite hungry, he recommended the Veal Milanese. After taking my order, he brought out a basket of fresh bread, some breadsticks, olive oil for dipping, and some tasty marinated mushrooms:

Casa del Lago Bread, Olive Oil and Mushrooms, Rosewood Mayakoba Review


The Veal Milanese itself was textbook perfect: crunchy on the outside, and moist and flavorful inside. What really made it was the dry chiles adobo paste serve alongside, which provided a sweet, smoky foil to the dish. It was so good that I asked if I could have more, and my server willingly obliged.

Veal Milanese, Casa del Lago, Rosewood Mayakoba Review


It was a good thing I didn't order an appetizer or dessert, as this was a very filling dish for one person. For a couple, it would make a good dish to share, along with 1-2 appetizers or perhaps a pasta. Although I didn't order a dessert, some complimentary mignardises, some kind of cookie with coconut, was brought out. It was a nice gesture, although honestly I've had much better mignardises, and would probably forego dessert if the quality is similar.

Mignardises, Casa del Lago, Rosewood Mayakoba Review


Dinner at Punta Bonita

Punta Bonita is right by Rosewood Mayakoba's beach, so it offers great ocean views during the day, when pizzas and light lunches are served. Here's the lunch menu:

Punta Bonita Lunch Menu, Rosewood Mayakoba Review


I had dinner at Punta Bonita, arriving at dusk to a view of palm trees silhouetted against a darkening sky:

Rosewood Mayakoba Menus and Dining Review-Palm Trees at Punta Bonita


Since it was good weather, I dined outside, though there's also indoor dining if you prefer.

Punta Bonita Restaurant at Night, Rosewood Mayakoba Review


The menu focuses on regional Mexican cuisine:

Punta Bonita Dinner Menu, Rosewood Mayakoba Review

Punta Bonita Dinner and Dessert Menu, Rosewood Mayakoba Review


The meal started wonderfully, with piping hot fresh bread served with two different sauces and salt:

Punta Bonita Dinner, Rosewood Mayakoba Review

Fresh Bread, Punta Bonita Dinner, Rosewood Mayakoba Review


Based on the server's recommendation I tried the ceviche of the day, which was sea bass. I'm certainly no expert in Mexican cuisine, but to me it seemed as though the fish had “cooked” in the lime juice a little too long, as it was tougher than I had hoped for. While I enjoyed the flavors of the dish, I must say that I preferred the Ceviche Mayakoba served at the Fairmont Mayakoba, with its more tender seafood and the addition of the tomato sorbet.

Sea Bass Ceviche, Punta Bonita, Rosewood Mayakoba


The standout of the meal for me were the Duck Confit Tacos with Mole Sauce. I've no doubt that there are versions of this as good or better at places in Manhattan, but it was a delicious dish and the perfect amount of food given that I'd started with the ceviche.

Duck Confit Tacos, Punta Bonita, Rosewood Mayakoba


The Maitre D' was circulating among the tables, checking that guests were enjoying their meals, a very nice service touch. He insisted on offering me a complimentary glass of Agave spirit, which seemed rude to refuse, so I tried a little. I can't say I ever got used to sake in my one year in Japan or vodka in my two years in Russia, so while I'm sure the agave was excellent quality, I just couldn't finish the liquid fire–not to mention I had work to do that night.

Mezonte Agave, Punta Bonita, Rosewood Mayakoba


This night I gave into my sweet tooth and tried the Chocolate Lava Cake Baked in a Clay Pot with Milk Foam, with Cinnamon Bun Ice Cream. It was ok, but I thought the milk foam detracted from the dish and didn't like it atop the chocolate cake as it made for a soupy presentation. Personally I prefer the molten chocolate cake I've had at other restaurants, for example Jean-Georges, and simple high quality vanilla bean ice cream. 

Chocolate Lava Cake, Punta Bonita


The end of my meal was marred slightly by the fact that there were problems signing my bill to my room at the Fairmont Mayakoba. There are signing privileges for all the Mayakoba resorts (Fairmont Mayakoba, Rosewood Mayakoba and Banyan Tree Mayakoba) as long as it's not the day before check-out. But somehow because of the manual imprint of my credit card, my Punta Bonita server said I wouldn't be able to sign. Since I'd had no problem signing my Casa del Lago bill to my room the night before, I hadn't even brought a credit card, so in the end I had to get on the phone with the Fairmont Mayakoba to explain the situation and have it rectified.

Given this inconvenience, which in my view could have been handled by the restaurant and Fairmont, instead of requiring my direct involvement, I left a modest tip (keep in mind this is over an above the already included 15% service charge) and the server asked if it was in USD, implying that it wasn't enough, which I found unprofessional, though to be fair, this was the only Rosewood staff member I had anything less than a very positive interaction with.

The Verdict

Dining overall was high quality at the Rosewood Mayakoba, though it should be, given that you're paying effectively NYC prices taking into account taxes and the mandatory 15% service charge on everything. I loved the delicious warm fresh bread at both restaurants, and the Veal Milanese with smoky adobo sauce as well as the duck confit tacos were excellent. I wouldn't bother with desserts, and would instead fill up on savory appetizers and main dishes. Punta Bonita is a must during the day for its relaxing sea views, though also has a lovely romantic ambience in the evening. Service was excellent, especially from the Punta Bonita Maitre D', apart from the issue with signing back to the Fairmont Mayakoba, which could have been handled more professionally.

If you've dined at Rosewood Mayakoba, what was your experience?

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Disclosure: I paid for my own meals at both Casa del Lago and Punta Bonita. 

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