Review-Guy Savoy Paris, 3 Michelin Stars

Guy Savoy Paris Restaurant Review

This Guy Savoy Paris Restaurant Review is part of a Paris trip report. Guy Savoy holds 3 Michelin Stars and is in a landmark location, the Paris Mint (Monnaie de Paris) so we were looking forward to our splurge lunch, which just happened to be on Thanksgiving Day.

Guy Savoy Paris Address and Hours

The street address of Guy Savoy is 11 Quai de Conti. Given the location, at the Monnaie de Paris, it's no surprise that you'll need to go through some security procedures, opening your bag for inspection and allowing a metal detecting wand to be waved near your body.

The restaurant is open Tuesday-Saturday, with lunch served Tuesday to Friday from 12noon to 2pm, and dinner served Tuesday to Saturday from 7pm to 10:30pm. We'd reserved for lunch with the “Web Special” of EUR 130 per person for a starter, main dish and dessert.

Restaurant Review-Guy Savoy Paris-Dining Room

Review-Guy Savoy Paris Restaurant

Guy Savoy Menu and Food

While we'd planned to choose one selection each, the Maitre D' generously offered a 5 course meal instead, for the same price (in the spirit of Thanksgiving, he said) which we took him up on. We started off with a couple of amuse bouches, and enjoyed the simple foie gras and toast best.

The first course was honestly a bit disappointing, or perhaps simply too subtle for my taste; a creamy seafood broth with seaweed.

Review-Guy Savoy Paris-Light Shellfish and Seaweed Soup

The second course, Salmon “Frozen” on Ice with Consomme and Lemon Pearls was good, and prepared tableside, but again I wasn't wowed, although certainly the salmon was first rate.

Review-Guy Savoy Paris-Preparing Salmon Tableside

Guy Savoy Paris Review-Salmon Frozen on Ice

It was the third course which I truly enjoyed, and is one of Guy Savoy's signature dishes: Artichoke Soup with Black Truffle and Layered Mushroom Truffle Brioche that you dip into the soup. This dish was immensely satisfying, and I'm almost motivated to learn how to make it from a Guy Savoy cookbook that was so generously presented to us.

Review-Guy Savoy Paris-Artichoke Soup with Black Truffle

Review-Guy Savoy Paris-Layered Mushroom Brioche

The main course was a confit of Bresse chicken, a variety only raised in France. This too was a satisfying dish, especially with the chanterelle mushrooms, although I wouldn't call it as distinctive as the artichoke soup with black truffle and brioche.

Review-Guy Savoy Paris-Confit Bresse Chicken with Chanterelles

There was a pre-dessert followed by a dessert of poached quince and Granny Smith apple sorbet, cleverly presented in the shape of a Granny Smith apple, and whimsically adorned with some popcorn.

Review-Guy Savoy Paris-Poached Quince and Apple Sorbet

This was followed by a dessert trolley, with various housemade sorbets, ice creams, chocolate tart, cheesecake, rice pudding, etc.

Review-Guy Savoy Paris-Chocolate Tart and Cheesecake

Review-Guy Savoy Paris-Chocolate Tart

The Verdict

I was very impressed that Chef Guy Savoy himself greeted us at the door when we entered the restaurant–how many chefs do that for their guests, let alone Michelin-starred restaurants? In terms of the actual lunch, I loved the artichoke soup with black truffle and would be tempted to return for that dish alone. Unfortunately I felt that the rest of the meal wasn't as impressive as I'd hoped. Certainly the Bresse chicken was delicious, especially with the chanterelle mushrooms, but I imagine I could enjoy something similar elsewhere in France. The quince and apple dessert was beautifully presented and refreshing, but it doesn't make my top 10 desserts.

So, while it was certainly a highly enjoyable experience and I'm glad we dined at Guy Savoy, I have to say that for lunch I preferred Le Cinq at the Four Seasons for its creative amuse bouches and appetizers and lobster entree. And in NYC, I'd recommend Daniel, which overall we actually enjoyed more than Guy Savoy.

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