Review: Eleven Madison Park at Home Spring 2021

Review: Eleven Madison Park at Home Spring 2021


This Eleven Madison Park at Home Review is for the Spring 2021 Menu available through 5/2/21. For later May 2021 pick-ups, the main course choices remain the same, as does the dessert and chocolate granola; only the vegetable side dishes are changing.

As we mentioned in our previous Eleven Madison Park at Home review for the winter menu, each purchase provides not only Chef Daniel Humm's 3 Michelin Star dinner at home for your family, but also 10 meals via Rethink to those experiencing food insecurity in the NYC area.

We recently celebrated a major wedding anniversary, so it was the perfect occasion to splurge on an Eleven Madison Park meal, an also enlist our 13-year old son in doing the final preparation and heating up of this Michelin starred cuisine. We purchased the Roast Chicken dinner again ($275, with all the side dishes and dessert), because it was so incredible last time, and added on an additional course of Bone Marrow Crusted Beef Tenderloin for two ($95).

While the ~$400 price tag sounds extravagant, because it was all too much for one dinner, we enjoyed the chicken and half of the sides and half the dessert the first night, and the beef, shared amongst the three of us with the other half of the sides and remaining dessert on the second night. We supplemented with some homemade garlic mashed potatoes the second night. Since we're three people, that comes out to ~$70 per person, very reasonable for Michelin-quality dinner, although admittedly without all the amuses bouches, wonderful ambience and service that in person dining at Eleven Madison Park is known for.


Ordering Eleven Madison Park at Home

All Eleven Madison Park at Home dinner boxes are ordered via Tock, for pickup at one of seven locations: Eleven Madison Park restaurant in Manhattan; Upper Montclair Station in New Jersey; Bedford Hills Station in Westchester; Greenwich Station in Connecticut; East Hampton Station in the Hamptons; Sparkling Pointe in Southold; and Manhasset Station. Note, however, that wine is only able to be sold for pickups in New York, as the restaurant does not have a liquor license in New Jersey or Connecticut.


The Eleven Madison Park at Home Tote and Preparation

Previously items were packed in an elegant but rather unwieldy and heavy box. This time, we were pleasantly surprised to find everything neatly packed inside a reusable insulated tote bag, much easier to carry around (although you still may not want to walk more than about 10 blocks with it, given the weight). Everything was kept chilled with a couple of small ice packs, but be sure to immediately chill everything (except for the granola) in the fridge or with additional ice packs within an hour of pickup.

Eleven Madison Park at Home Tote Bag
Eleven Madison Park at Home Tote Bag


A blue envelope contained all the cooking and preparation instructions.

EMP at Home Cooking Instructions


The instructions are so straightforward that your teen, tween, or even younger kids who have some cooking experience should be able to rustle up your Michelin star dinner while you unwind with a glass of wine (and if they find it as weird as our son did to be coating a chicken with butter…well, they may need to spend some more time in the kitchen!)

Rubbing Butter Over Chicken from Eleven Madison Park


Eleven Madison Park at Home Roasted Chicken and Bone Marrow Crusted Beef Tenderloin Dinner

We'd had the chicken previously, easily the best we've ever had, thanks to the foie gras and black truffle brioche crumbs stuffed under the skin. Despite my worry about my thirteen-year old's manhandling of the chicken, this one was every bit as good as the previous, with crispy skin, the intoxicating aroma of black truffle and butter, and the rich, slightly sweet foie gras flavor permeating the moist chicken meat.

And, unlike at Eleven Madison Park, where it would be gauche to request the chicken bones to take home, at home we can look forward to using the chicken carcass for a wonderful chicken truffle soup or risotto.

Eleven Madison Park at Home Roasted Chicken Stuffed with Foie Gras, Black Truffle and Brioche


The spring vegetables made excellent accompaniments. We especially loved the presentation of the spring garlic custard, with its crisp tender fava beans and asparagus beautifully arranged over it, and contrasting with the silky custard beneath.

Spring Garlic Custard, Eleven Madison Park at Home Review


The Snow Pea Salad with Pecorino and Pancetta was our other favorite, dressed with a tart lemon vinaigrette.

Snow Pea Salad, Eleven Madison Park at Home


The Bibb Salad was perhaps a tad too simple, but I might have liked it better if our son had used more of the delicious ginger umami vinaigrette and caraway crumble; he was a bit too stingy with these when dressing the salad.

Bibb Salad


The strawberry tart was similar in appearance to the winter chocolate tart, except with pink strawberry cream. I served it with some fresh strawberry. While good, I much preferred the chocolate tart. For strawberry tarts, I prefer to be able to see and taste actual berries, whereas my husband commented that this reminded him (albeit in a good way) of a kind of strawberry shortcake ice cream dessert he'd had as a kid. Our son loved this though, and took his time savoring it.

Strawberry Tart
Strawberry Tart, Eleven Madison Park at Home Review


The bone marrow crusted beef tenderloin that we enjoyed the following night was two generous portions that easily fed the three of us given its richness. I was glad we decided to make some garlic mashed potatoes, as the bordelaise sauce (enriched with red wine and bone marrow butter) was so incredible that we wanted to use up every last drop, with the meat and the mashed potatoes. Some crusty French baguette would also do the trick.

Bone Marrow Crusted Beef Tenderloin, Eleven Madison Park at Home


The Verdict

Since we'll be moving from NYC later this year, this is likely to have been our last Eleven Madison Park at Home splurge, and it was more than worth it given how much we all enjoyed it. If you think chicken is never worth ordering at a restaurant, we bet Chef Daniel Humm's roasted chicken stuffed with foie gras, black truffles and brioche crumbs will change your mind. We also enjoyed the rich flavors of the bone marrow crusted beef tenderloin with bordelaise sauce, although my husband and I ended up preferring the chicken. The vibrant spring vegetable flavors shone through in all the sides, and these were excellent accompaniments given the richness of the meat dishes. The only item I didn't particularly care for was the strawberry tart (I preferred the chocolate one) but our son savored his to the last bite.

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Disclosure: We paid for our own meal. We have no affiliation with Eleven Madison Park, except as satisfied clients.

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