Review: Calistoga’s Living Room at TRUSS, Four Seasons Napa Valley

Review: Calistoga's Living Room at TRUSS, Four Seasons Napa Valley


This Review of Calistoga's Living Room at TRUSS at Four Seasons Napa Valley is from our recent visit. The resort is the newest Four Seasons in the world, having just opened in fall 2021, and is a wonderful base for a wine country getaway even in the cooler months, thanks to a gas fireplace in each room and suite.


Calistoga's Living Room at TRUSS Location and Hours

Calistoga's Living Room at TRUSS is the more casual, all day dining eatery that is now open at the Four Seasons Resort Napa Valley, which is located at 400 Silverado Trail. Due to Calistoga rules that prevent any businesses that are chains of any kind, you won't see a large Four Seasons sign; instead, just look for the 400 Silverado Trail address and the fountains that are near the main reception. TRUSS is across the courtyard from reception.

Fountains at Four Seasons Resort Napa Valley


Calistoga's Living Room at TRUSS is open daily for breakfast from 6:30-11am, and for all day dining from 11am-10pm.

The Living Room is handsomely appointed. Gaze up and you'll see a wooden trusses, a nod to the restaurant's name, while even on overcast days the almost floor to ceiling glass walls let in ample natural light.


Calistoga's Living Room at TRUSS Menu and Food

We first had a chance to whet our appetite with a snack of caviar with green onion dip and house made gaufrette style potato chips. Thanks to a collaboration between Chef Erik Anderson and the California Caviar Company, Truss Restaurant harvests, cleans, salts, and packages its own caviar. Paired with herbaceous green onion and crunchy gaufrettes, this elegant snack is sublime.

Caviar with green onion dip and gaufrettes, TRUSS at Four Seasons Napa


The snack minus the caviar is offered as part of the Living Room's lunch and dinner menu:


My husband tried the Pork Ribs, which were expertly prepared with a honey citrus chili glaze. It was on the pricey side at $32 for only a few ribs, but the dish's richness managed to tide him over nicely until dinner.

Pork Ribs, Calistoga's Living Room at TRUSS Restaurant Review


In the evening, there was a special menu which included dishes from several of the resort's chefs:

Special Dinner Menu, Four Seasons Napa Valley Review


While not on the current Living Room menu, Chef Anderson's amuse bouche of maple custard with black truffle and thyme was incredible; it may be served to guests who opt for the Chef's Table fine dining option at TRUSS.

Maple Custard with Black Truffle Amuse Bouche by Chef Erik Anderson, TRUSS Restaurant


Breakfast in the Living Room featured the following menu:

TRUSS Breakfast Menu
TRUSS Breakfast Menu


We started with a smoothie and granola with yogurt and seasonal fruit, and to be honest, both were a bit disappointing. We make far better smoothies at home, and the granola and yogurt had just five berries. Beautifully arranged, but still. Five.

Smoothie, TRUSS Breakfast Review, Four Seasons Napa
Yogurt with Granola, TRUSS Breakfast Review, Four Seasons Napa


Fortunately things got much better when the TRUSS Caviar Tartine with caramelized onion and smoked sturgeon arrived. This is the dish to get, at least if you like caviar: scrumptious.

TRUSS Caviar Tartine, Four Seasons Napa Valley


The Canele Waffle was fine, but I'd have liked more of the apple accompaniment, and I was hoping for more caramelization and perhaps more vanilla notes to the waffle, given the description.

Canele Waffle with Apples, TRUSS Breakfast Review, Four Seasons Napa


Keep in mind, TravelSort Clients enjoy complimentary daily breakfast for two as a Four Seasons Preferred Partner benefit, as well as a $100 resort credit (or $200 for a suite booking) once during the stay, that can be used towards dining or spa services.


The Verdict

We greatly enjoyed the savory dishes we tried at Calistoga's Living Room at TRUSS, including the caviar with green onion dip and gaufrettes; the sweet and spicy pork ribs; and the caviar tartine with smoked sturgeon. We also loved the beautiful and refreshing citrus and beet salad that the resort's banquet chef created for our special dinner. The sweet items we tried for breakfast at Calistoga's Living Room were less impressive; we'd have liked more caramelization of the apples and more apples served with the waffles, more berries served with the yogurt and granola, and a more flavorful coffee cake. Service was very good. We highly recommend exploring the savory side of the menu at Calistoga's Living Room, which was very satisfying.

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