Review: Aspire Lounge Nairobi Airport

Review: Aspire Lounge Nairobi Airport NBO

The Aspire Lounge at Nairobi Airport is a Swissport Lounge that is located in the International Terminal 1B, by Gate 10. See all of our Airport Lounge Reviews and Safari posts.

Aspire Lounge Nairobi Airport Access and Hours

We had access to it prior to our departing Qatar Airways Business Class flight, although it also allows passengers who don't have complimentary access to pay for entry, currently at the cost of $38 per person.

The lounge is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Aspire Lounge Nairobi Airport Entrance, Terminal 1B Near Gate 10

Aspire Lounge Nairobi Airport Amenities, Food and Drink

After checking our boarding passes at lounge reception, we entered the lounge. It's not that big, although there were only a couple other passengers there the morning of our visit.

There are three main seating sections. We sat on a banquette at a table in the first area, between the lounge reception and the dining area.

Aspire Lounge Nairobi Airport Review

Note that for these seats, the power outlet is somewhat awkwardly placed below the banquette. Power outlets here, as elsewhere in Kenya, take UK-style plugs, so be sure to have an adapter if your devices don't have UK plugs.

Aspire Lounge Nairobi Airport Power Outlets

The next area is the dining room, where there are some high top tables and stools across from the buffet.

Aspire Lounge Nairobi Airport Dining Area Seating

The morning buffet selection had some vegetable quiche, pastries, sausage rolls, and cookies.

Aspire Lounge Nairobi Airport Review-Food

There was also some cut fruit in the chilled case, but unfortunately no yogurt.

Fresh Fruit, Aspire Lounge, Nairobi Airport Review

If you're visiting midday or in the afternoon, here are the food and drinks that are supposed to be offered:

Aspire Lounge Nairobi Airport Food Menu
Aspire Lounge Nairobi Airport Review-Drinks Menu

The tea and Nescafe coffee were nothing to write home about:

Aspire Lounge Nairobi Airport Tea and Nescafe Coffee

The last seating section consists of grey armchairs in the back; fortunately these have power outlets between them.

Aspire Lounge Nairobi Airport Review-Armchair Seating

The Verdict

Nairobi Airport isn't a great airport to spend time in, so while the Aspire Lounge was underwhelming, it was better than regular seating in the terminal. The WiFi was rather slow, so I recommend getting bandwidth-intensive work done at your hotel. Keep in mind that as elsewhere in Kenya, if you don't have devices with a UK style plug (type G) you'll need a plug adapter to charge your devices. Also don't count on having a shower at the lounge, as there isn't one–just the basics of seating, (slow) WiFi, food and drinks.

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