Paris Plages (Paris Beaches) Review

Paris Plages-Paris Beaches-Late Afternoon Sun


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A beach in Paris? Yes, if Paris Plages coincides with your visit. Every summer, Paris Plages transforms the banks of the Seine from the Louvre to Pont de Sully into a pedestrian-only zone, with lounge chairs and beach umbrellas to soak up the sun, sandy beach areas with free beach toys for kids to play in the sand and build sand castles, cafes and ice cream stands, areas to play boules, and play areas for children.

As we happened to be in Paris on August 18, the last day of Paris Plages 2013, I took the munchkin for some beach time, since unlike our trip to the Park Hyatt Maldives, this summer trip didn't otherwise include any beach time.

While it would have been easiest if we'd walked from the Park Hyatt Paris (review coming soon) we didn't have time during our stay there, so instead we took the Paris Metro from the George V stop on the Champs-Elysees to Hotel de Ville and walked from there. 

On exiting the metro/subway there was a nice large map of Paris Plages:

Paris Plages-Paris Beaches Map


We walked down to the Seine, and sure enough, the entire area was pedestrianized, and, probably also because it was a Sunday and the last day of Paris Plages, plenty of Parisians and visitors were enjoying a leisurely stroll on this beautiful summer day:

Paris Plages-Paris Beaches - Walking by the Seine


The munchkin didn't need any encouragement to run ahead of me and start exploring:

Paris Plages-Paris Beaches - Stroll by the Seine


The lounge chairs were very popular, but a couple vacated theirs and we had a brief couple of minutes trying it out. I could have happily relaxed there for longer, but the munchkin was soon squirming and wanting to get out to find a sandy beach to play in.

Paris Plages-Paris Beaches Beautiful Day


Paris Plages-Paris Beaches-Squirming Out of a Lounge Chair


We found the beach, shoes and socks came off, and he was soon happily sifting and digging sand with the free beach toys. There were many other kids enjoying the sand fun too, but it wasn't overly crowded so there wasn't any fighting for sand toys.

Paris Plages-Paris Beaches-Sand Fun


Paris Plages Paris Beaches-Kids Enjoying Sand Fun


Some kids were building a more ambitious sand castle:

Paris Plages-Paris Beaches - Sand Castle Building


And even some adults were doing some sand sculpting:

Paris Plages-Paris Beaches - Sand Sculpting


It was a great day for exploring by boat, and we saw many boats and the Bateaux Mouches:

Paris Plages-Paris Beaches-Bateaux Mouches


It was impossible not to notice the many ice cream stands, called Glacier in French:

Paris Plages-Paris Beaches - Glacier Ice Cream Stand


I explained the various ice cream and sorbet flavors to the munchkin–there were some very creative ones I'd never seen before, such as Violet, Grapefruit and something called Ali Baba–not even sure what that one was:

Paris Plages-Paris Beaches - Ice Cream Flavors


Paris Plages-Paris Beaches-Glaces-Ice Cream


But ultimately we settled on Framboise (raspberry) sorbet and Caramel Beurre Sale (Salted Butter Caramel):

Paris Plages-Paris Beaches-Framboise Caramel Beurre Sale


As we finally left, we also saw that quintessentially French game, boules:

Paris Plages-Paris Beaches - Boules


The Verdict: Already several years running, Paris Plages is very popular and can be quite crowded on weekends. But on a sunny day, it's a great place, if you can find a lounge chair, to relax with your partner or friend. And young kids will love some beach time–where else in the middle of a major city can you take kids to build sand castles outside?

If you've been to Paris Plages, what did you think?

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