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Favorite Travel Game-Bananagrams


What's Your Favorite Travel Game? Previously, I'd have said it was the card game “Oh Darn It” for my family, which is also known as “Oh Hell!” and is a trick taking game, where you aim to predict the number of tricks you'll take, and take exactly that number (as opposed to contract bridge, where you and your partner need to take the same or more tricks to the number bid).

But now we have a new favorite travel game: Bananagrams. We were only introduced to it recently by my cousin, who pulled it out when we visited her. We had so much fun playing it that soon after we got home, I ordered it on Amazon. I like it much more than Scrabble, for a few reasons:

  • There's no board, so you don't have to bring a board with you, nor do you have to take into account triple word scores or keep track of points, which is cumbersome.
  • Each player makes their own crossword, you don't build off of each others
  • You're constantly having to alter your crossword to use the new letters you draw, so it's much more dynamic and fast paced than Scrabble.
  • The game is very portable: throw all the tiles into the cheery yellow banana pouch, zip it up, and throw it in your suitcase.

Plus, if your kids are 10 or older, they probably don't need any kind of help and you don't have to handicap yourself. Our 10 year old wins or ties with us a good amount of the time, holding his own in the game. Here are our latest bananagrams–can you guess who did which, and who won (but only by a few seconds)?

Bananagrams-Favorite Word Game

Bananagrams Word Game

Bananagrams Travel Game


We decided to gift our Bananagrams game to a school sponsored by Amanbagh, and got another one for ourselves when we returned home. This game could be a great one for a school, whether your own local school, or one abroad, where the kids are learning English.

Have you played Bananagrams?

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