New Delta 2015 Award Chart: More Info Needed

Delta New 2015 Award Chart for Redeeming SkyMiles


Delta's new 2015 Award Chart is available, showing the 5 levels of award pricing. Apparently no one at Delta thinks simpler (or more transparent) is best.

The problem is that we still need more information. The award chart tells us what the *theoretical* prices for Delta SkyMiles awards are, but even now, there's often little to no Saver level availability. So does anyone really think that on routes where it's currently impossible to book Saver level awards, miraculously come 2015 you'll be able to book Level 1 awards? 

For example, try to book a Saver level BusinessElite award on the nonstop JFK to LAX or JFK to SFO flights that feature Westin Heavenly Bed. You won't find a single award seat at the Saver level for these nonstop BusinessElite flights, even though theoretically Saver awards would price at 65,000 SkyMiles roundtrip.

New Delta 2015 Award Chart - Already No Business Saver Awards for Some Flights such as JFK-LAX



There Are No Changes or Even Decreases to the Level 1 / Saver Award Levels–Isn't This Good News? 

Only if there are the same or increased number of award seats available at these rates. We don't know yet (and won't know until Delta's 2015 Award Chart goest into effect January 1, 2015) how available award seats will be at the Level 1 levels. 

Will One Way Awards Be Available at Half the Cost?

Yes–although of course it depends if Delta makes award seats available at a given award pricing level.


But at Least Delta Diamond Medallion Elites Will Earn 11 SkyMiles per Dollar on All Tickets, Right?

Wrong. While Delta Diamond Medallion Elites do earn 11 SkyMiles per dollar (Platinum Medallions earn 9 SkyMiles per dollar, Gold Medallions earn 8 SkyMiles per dollar) there is a cap of 75,000 SkyMiles per person per reservation, *including* any Medallion bonus. That means that a Diamond Medallion buying a ticket costing over $6818 would earn NOTHING for each dollar spent above that amount.

“Members will earn a maximum of 75,000 miles per person per reservation, including any Medallion mileage bonuses or class of service bonuses. Promotional mileage bonuses will not count toward the 75,000 maximum mileage accrual per reservation unless otherwise stated in the promotion’s terms and conditions”

Delta: 75,000 Maximum Miles Per Reservation Including Elite Bonuses

While you could argue that many of Delta's business class flights are less than $6818, it's not hard for last minute flights to be more, for example these ATL – AMS flights are over $10,000:

New Delta 2015 Award Chart - But Max 75K Miles Per Reservation Including Elite Bonuses


Sure, you could book two one ways to get around the 75K maximum, but it's just another restriction that makes the Delta SkyMiles changes very much a devaluation, and not as rewarding to even business class flyers as is being portrayed.

What do you think about Delta's New 2015 Award Chart?

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