How Long for Global Entry Renewal

How Long for Global Entry Renewal


How Long Does it Take to Renew Global Entry? It can easily take a month for conditional approval, and that doesn't include the time to arrange an interview, so you don't want to wait until the last minute to renew. I'm in the process of renewing my son's Global Entry, which will expire later this year, and am glad I remembered to do this a few months before it expires. I thought it would be very speedy since he's a child, but from the date I submitted his renewal application, it took 29 days–nearly 1 month–until conditional approval.

We now need to schedule his interview, which we'll do in conjunction with a departure from JFK Airport. If you'll be doing your interview at an airport, that's another reason to renew in advance, so that you can have the interview coincide with travel to or from the airport, instead of having to make a special trip to the Global Entry interview location.


Which Credit Cards Reimburse Global Entry Application Fees?

The Global Entry application fee is $100 per person, but fortunately several cards reimburse this fee, once every 4-5 years:

When Can You Renew Global Entry?

You can renew Global Entry anytime you're within 1 year of expiration, although keep in mind that if you're planning to get reimbursed for the Global Entry fee, credit cards (see above) that reimburse you only do so once every 4-5 years. If you have multiple cards that reimburse for Global Entry, make sure to choose one that hasn't already been used recently, so that you'll be eligible for the fee reimbursement.


Do All Renewals Require Another Interview?

No, some applicants receive final approval for their renewal application without having to schedule an interview.


When Must Interviews Be Scheduled?

You must schedule your interview within 30 days of being notified of your conditional approval, but the actual interview can take place more than 30 days after you receive your conditional approval notification.


Do All Approvals or Conditional Approvals Take About 1 Month?

No, some people receive a final approval or conditional approval much faster, within a few days or a week. A few people report it taking longer than 1 month, for example this Flyertalker reports waiting 56 days until receiving final approval (although no interview was needed).


I've Taken the Same Trips as My Partner; Why Did Only One of Us Need an Interview?

Global Entry and Customs and Border Protection officials have quite a bit of discretion, so your renewal applications may have been reviewed by different officers, who came to different conclusions about whether a renewal interview was needed. In addition to the countries visited or transited, job or residence changes can play a factor in conditional approval requiring an interview vs. full approval, with no interview needed.


If you recently renewed Global Entry, how long did it take until final approval or conditional approval?

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13 Comments on "How Long for Global Entry Renewal"

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Hi Hilary, I just renewed GE for myself and P. It took exactly 28 days, I was approved without the need of an interview, but P. needs the interview, and we visited the same countries etc, so it appears to be random. She received the conditional approval yesterday, and she was able to schedule the interview right away (later today) at MIA. By the way, with Amex Plat you can get the refund of the fee after 4 years, not 5 like the other cards


Hi, I have Global Entry and reapplied about 5 weeks ago. I thought it would be faster to renew but so far have not heard back yet.


Hi, I have reaplied 60 days ago… still pending status and no further answer or email… while this seems to be really long, I am not sure who to contact, or should I wait somewhat longer?


I applied for renewal Dec 31 2018. No approval as of Feb 21, 2019. No email and no online notification in my account.


Applied for renewal March 12, still waiting on May 18! My husband applied a week or so ago and just got his renewal card!

Lynn Quinn

Reading all other’s posts about how long it takes to renew. Well, for me it is now July 1st and I submitted my Global Entry renewal application on April 11th, over 3 months ago. I looked on-line and my status is only listed as “Pending Review”. Can I move this along by calling or going to a local Global entry office? There is one at O’Hare airport I could go to.


Hi Hilary, I’ve been waiting for >3 months for my GE renewal. Is there anyone I can call? This is crazy that there’s no feedback what so ever… Yes, I’ve looked. There’s no change in status.