Hotel Face Mask Policies: Hyatt, Marriott, IHG, Four Seasons

Hotel Face Mask Policies: Hyatt, Marriott, IHG, Four Seasons


Hyatt Now Requires Face Masks Globally, in all Hyatt hotels around the world. This is similar to Four Seasons, which also requires face masks globally. Here's a summary of Hyatt, Marriott, IHG and Four Seasons face mask policies:

Four Seasons: Face Masks Required at All Four Seasons Hotels Worldwide

  • All guests age 10 and older must wear face masks when in public indoor spaces and when receiving service in their guest rooms
  • Face masks are strongly recommended for children ages 2-9
  • In some jurisdictions there are additional or more stringent face mask regulations
  • Four Seasons hotels abide by the more stringent of local or Four Seasons face mask usage regulations


Hyatt: Face Masks Required at All Hyatt Hotels Globally

  • Face masks or coverings are required in hotel indoor public areas and when moving around in outdoor areas at all Hyatt hotels globally
  • Hotel public areas may include hotel lobbies, meetings and events spaces, restaurants and bars, and fitness centers
  • Some guests may be exempt from this mandate, including but not limited to guests with medical conditions, guests consuming food or beverages in restaurants, guests who are seated outdoors and socially distant, and children under the age of two 


IHG / InterContinental Hotels: Face Coverings Required at All Hotels in the U.S. and Canada

  • From 7/27/20 all IHG hotels in the U.S. and Canada require face masks or face coverings in the hotels' indoor public spaces


Marriott Hotels: Face Masks Required at All Hotels in North America, the Caribbean, Latin America


What Kind of Face Masks to Wear in Hotels?

While hotels don't mandate a particular type of face mask or face covering, we recommend that our clients seek out KF94 masks, the Korean equivalent of N95 masks. While homemade or purchased cloth masks are fine for outdoors, when you can maintain social distancing (cloth masks primarily protect others from you) we do recommend more effective masks such as the KF94 for indoor use, since when worn correctly, with no air gaps, it blocks at least 94% of virus-sized particles from either direction. That's 1% less than N95 masks, but since there's still a shortage of these for healthcare workers, we recommend leaving the scarce supplies for doctors, nurses, and other frontline workers.

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