Guess the Hotel: Out of Africa

Guess the Hotel-Out of Africa-Zebras and Wildebeest


This Guess the Hotel: Out of Africa edition is of a safari tented camp, where zebras roam freely around the camp, and buffalos and other wildlife are often seen by the nearby watering hole.

Guess the Hotel-Out of Africa-Zebras Grazing by Tents


On our drive from the air strip, we saw several herds of African elephants, including some baby elephants. One large female even came within a couple feet of our jeep and looked right at us! Talk about an exciting welcome 🙂

Guess the Hotel-Out of Africa-Elephants

Guess the Hotel-Out of Africa-Elephants Under Tree


We went off-road, to within a few feet of some lions, relaxing after an apparently large meal.

Guess the Hotel-Out of Africa-Lions Resting


Just a few minutes later, we were lucky enough to see 3 more lions, siblings of about 3 years old, also resting under a tree to escape the midday heat:

Guess the Hotel-Out of Africa-3 Lions


Good thing all these lions were digesting their last meal and not hungry, otherwise this Thomson's gazelle might have been in trouble, as they are common lion prey:

Guess the Hotel-Out of Africa-Thomsons Gazelle


We also saw a Tawny Eagle:

Guess the Hotel-Out of Africa-Tawny Eagle


The camp has just 9 tents, so it's truly an intimate experience, and we saw only one other couple while having our lunch. Lunch is on a lovely deck, with a good view of the watering hole:

Guess the Hotel-Out of Africa-Main Deck


The tents are 1920s in style, with oriental rugs, lanterns, a clawfoot bathtub, and outdoor shower.

Guess the Hotel-Out of Africa-Tent

Guess the Hotel-Out of Africa-Tent Lanterns

Guess the Hotel-Out of Africa-Clawfoot Bathtub


There's even a paint set on the desk, in case the artistic urge strikes:

Guess the Hotel-Out of Africa-Paint Set


Lunch was simple, which is what you want in the heat of the day, and delicious. I loved the chilled butternut squash carrot soup so much I'd like the recipe, and both my son's pasta and my vegetable tempura with sweet chili mayo were delicious. All wines and spirits (except French champagne) are also included in the daily rate, and I enjoyed some well balanced South African Sauvignon Blanc with my lunch.

Guess the Hotel-Out of Africa-Chilled Butternut Squash Carrot Soup

Guess the Hotel-Out of Africa-Vegetable Tempura


Can you guess the safari lodge and which country it's in?

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