Four Seasons Deal: Buy $500 Gift Card, Get $100 Bonus Gift Card

Four Seasons: Buy $500 Gift Card, Get $100 Bonus Gift Card


Buy Four Seasons Gift Cards with a 20% Bonus: Each $500 Four Seasons Gift Card will earn you a $100 Four Seasons Gift Card. For readers and clients wondering how to book Four Seasons hotels and resorts with all Four Seasons Preferred Partner benefits, this is it! 

Four Seasons Deal: Buy Gift Cards with 20% Bonus


1. Go to to view the offer, and click on “Buy an E-Gift Card”

2. Change the default $750 amount to $500, personalize with your message to the recipient (if not yourself), email, and click through to the payment page.

3. Your $100 bonus Four Seasons e-gift card should be sent to your email quite quickly; it take a bit longer for the actual $500 e-gift card to be sent. In my case it took about 15-20 minutes.

4. Use your Four Seasons e-gift cards at any Four Seasons Worldwide. TravelSort Clients can reserve with Four Seasons Preferred Partner benefits, which include top priority (ahead of AMEX Fine Hotels & Resorts) for space available upgrades.

Four Seasons $100 Bonus Gift Card


How Long is This Offer Valid For?

The offer is valid until Dec 5 at 12:00pm EST, or while quantities last.

Which Credit Card Should I Use? Can I Earn 3X with the Chase Sapphire Preferred?

No; the Four Seasons does NOT process these transactions, so you won't earn 3X with the Chase Sapphire Reserve or any other travel category bonuses. Instead, use whichever card you're working on for minimum spend.


Do Four Seasons E-Gift Cards Expire?

No, they have no expiration date.


Can the E-Gift Cards Be Used for Other Four Seasons Charges Such as Dining and Spa?

Yes, the Four Seasons e-gift cards can be used for all Four Seasons charges, as long as directly billed by Four Seasons (not a third party retail store or other third party service provider). Note though that some Four Seasons spas and golf courses are for in-house guests only.


Can I Use Four Seasons E-Gift Cards to Pay for AMEX Fine Hotels & Resorts Reservations?

No, because these reservations must be paid for by an AMEX Platinum or other AMEX card. Insteaad, make your reservation as a TravelSort Client to receive Four Seasons Preferred Partner benefits.


If the Four Seasons E-Gift Card Only Covers Part of the Stay Can I Use a Credit Card for the Remainder?



Since the E-Gift Cards are Denominated in U.S. Dollars, Do The Cards Work at International Four Seasons Hotels?

Yes, they are valid at all Four Seasons hotels in worldwide. At Four Seasons hotels where the currency is not U.S. dollars, the hotel's prevailing exchange rate on the day the e-gift cards are used will determine the exchange rate.


What Are Your Favorite Four Seasons Hotels?

While I've only stayed at 26 Four Seasons hotels and resorts personally, my clients have stayed at many more. Here are the ones I most recommend, with links to my reviews for the ones I've personally stayed at. This list is not ranked and is alphabetical.

Four Seasons Hualalai, Hawaii
Do you plan to buy Four Seasons e-gift cards with a 20% bonus?
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