COVID-19 Vaccination Rates: Leading Countries, US States

COVID-19 Vaccination Rates: Leading Countries, US States


Israel and the UAE are Leading in COVID-19 Vaccination Rates among countries, while West Virginia, Alaska and South Dakota are among the leading states in the U.S. in terms of the percentage of residents who have received at least one shot.

Two weeks ago, Israel had vaccinated nearly 12% of its population with at least one vaccine dose. The past couple of weeks has seen incredible progress: Israel has now vaccinated 29.4%, nearly 30% of its population.

Previously, Bahrain was next, with a 3.5% vaccination rate. Bahrain has made progress, and is now at 8.3%, but the UAE has now vaccinated nearly 20% of its population, second only to Israel.

COVID-19 Vaccination Rate by Country: Israel and UAE Lead


U.S. States: West Virginia, Alaska, South Dakota Lead

Vaccination rates at the state level vary wildly, and it stands to reason that some less populated states have been able to vaccinate more people, with somewhat easier logistics than the most populated states, such as California, particularly since California is in the midst of a terrible surge in cases. Some of the medical professionals who might otherwise have been able to provide vaccine shots are fighting for patients' lives.

West Virginia has managed to vaccinate over 6% of of its population with at least one shot, and used 65% of its vaccine allotment (vaccines were distributed to the states in proportion to their population).

Alaska has managed to vaccinate 5.4% of its population, although to date it's only used 33% of its vaccine allotment. As such a large state with some very remote populations, Alaska will likely face some distribution challenges, especially for the Pfizer vaccine, which must be kept in ultra-cold temperatures.

South Dakota is tied with Alaska, having given 5.4% of its population one jab, and used 61% of its allocation to date.

At the other end of the spectrum, Idaho, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama are the current laggards when it comes to vaccine roll-out, having only inoculated 2.1%, 2%, 1.9% and 1.8% of their populations respectively, and used only 29%, 35%, 23% and 23% of their vaccine allocations, respectively.

How is your state or country doing in terms of its COVID-19 vaccine roll-out?

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