Covac Global vs. Medjet COVID Evacuation Insurance

Covac Global vs. Medjet COVID Evacuation Insurance


Update: Please see Covac Global's updated evacuation requirements as of 1/11/22

Which COVID-19 Evacuation Insurance Should You Get, Covac Global or Medjet? Even vaccinated travelers traveling internationally will want medical evacuation insurance that covers them if they contract COVID-19 and want to be treated at their own hospital, rather than abroad. The two primary contenders in this space are Covac Global and Medjet. But how do they compare?


Who is Eligible for Evacuation Due to COVID-19?

Both Covac Global and Medjet are able to transport members ill with COVID-19 from an international destination to their preferred local hospital near their home, but the difference lies in who is eligible.

With Medjet, the member must be hospitalized with COVID-19. That means that you're ill enough to have been admitted to a hospital in the country you're traveling in. Medjet transportation is for members who are at least 150 miles away from his/her residence.

With Covac Global, the member need only have tested positive for COVID-19 with a PCR test and be exhibiting one or more symptoms, including but not limited to fever, chills, or fatigue. Covac Global is designed for members traveling outside their home country.


What Are the Key Exclusions?

For Medjet, as mentioned above, the member must have been admitted to a hospital for COVID-19 treatment and required continued inpatient hospitalization to be transported, and the member must fit within the maximum allowable height, width and girth requirements of COVID-19 transport pods. Cruise passengers must be admitted to a hospital on shore. Medjet individual memberships are open to residents of the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Covac Global excludes cruise passengers entirely (for ships that have more than 25 cabins), due to the higher risk of contracting COVID-19, and also excludes members who have attended any type of large-scale public gathering or have participated in medical work. Covac Global memberships are open to all nationalities except for French nationals. Covac Global pays a maximum of $1 million per insured member for COVID-19 medical transportation.


When Must the Insurance Coverage Be Purchased?

For Medjet, coverage must be purchased before departure from his/her residence on the trip. Covac Global is more restrictive: coverage for COVID-19 evacuation must be purchased at least 14 days prior to departure or a negative result from a COVID-19 PCR test must be provided within the 7 days prior to departure.


Is Medical Evacuation Covered for Reasons Other Than COVID-19?

With Medjet, yes. While Medjet won't transport you for minor injuries or illnesses such as sprains or fractures that can be treated by local doctors and don't prevent the member from continuing the trip, anything serious that requires hospitalization is covered.

With Covac Global, there are three options: one for COVID-19 evacuation only, one for medical (excluding COVID-19) evacuation only, and one for both COVID-19 and medical evacuation. Unlike Medjet, for medical evacuation, Covac Global does not require the member to currently be hospitalized in a foreign hospital, but the member must be in need of in-patient hospitalization upon returning to his/her home country.


Can Other Insured Family Members Accompany the Member Who Has Contracted COVID-19?

With Medjet, no family members or traveling companions are permitted to accompany patients transported for COVID-19.

With Covac Global, while not guaranteed, most of the time other insured family members are permitted to be transported with the family member who contracted COVID-19: “When there is space on board and is does not risk health and safety, we can transport other members of the party.”


What is the Cost?

As you might expect, Covac Global is more expensive, since it doesn't require hospitalization in order to be transported. Here are comparisons:

15 Day Trip, Individual

  • MedjetAssist Medical Transfer only, up to age 73: $145
  • Covac Global, COVID-19 evacuation only, up to age 85: $675
  • Covac Global, COVID-19 + Medical evacuation, up to age 85: $810

15 Day Trip, Couple

  • MedjetAssist Medical Transfer only: $250
  • Covac Global, COVID-19 evacuation only, up to age 85: $1282.50
  • COVID-19 + Medical evacuation, up to age 85: $1539

Have more questions before purchasing a policy? TravelSort Clients can contact us for further guidance and assistance with insuring their trip with Medjet or Covac Global.

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