Bank of America Matched Cardholder to Alaska Airlines 50,000 Bonus Miles Offer

Update: The 50,000 miles Alaska Airlines bonus offer has expired, so most likely it won't be possible to match to it now. Don't forget to follow @TravelSort on Twitter and like TravelSort on Facebook to be alerted to future deals and other great luxury travel tips.

Remember the Alaska Airlines Visa 50,000 Bonus Miles Offer? Well, Bank of America has matched a recent Alaska Visa applicant to the new 50,000 bonus miles offer, per TravelSort reader Simon K @Running4Status:

Bank of America Matched Cardholder to Alaska 50,000 Bonus Miles Offer


While I wasn't optimistic that this would work, and believe it is still very much YMMV (your mileage may vary–so don't get mad if it doesn't work for you), if you recently applied for a lower Alaska Visa bonus offer, it's worth a call to try to get matched to the higher offer. Don't forget to mention the priority code, VAB3E8, and to always remain polite and appreciative. Also see my tips in Hang Up, Call Again (HUCA): Travel Advice to Book Your Award and Save You Money.

Both my husband and I recently applied for and were approved for the Alaska Visa with 50,000 miles signup bonus, although in our case we hadn't applied for the card within the last 12 months so we didn't need to match to the 50,000 bonus offer.

If you've recently applied for the Alaska Visa with a lower offer and tried to match to this better 50,000 miles offer, what was your experience?

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