AMEX Platinum Airline Credit for 2019

AMEX Platinum Airline Credit 2019


Get Your $200 AMEX Platinum Airline Credit and $300 Chase Sapphire Reserve Travel Credit for 2019, now that it's the new year. AMEX Platinum and Centurion card holders are eligible to have $200 of airline incidental charges reimbursed as statement credit, while AMEX Premier Gold card holders are eligible for $100 in airline incidental fee reimbursement. The $300 Chase Sapphire Reserve travel credit is easy to get back, since it's valid for commercial airline, hotel, train, cruise purchases, and even public transit, taxi and car service costs.

Note that the AMEX airline fee reimbursement is per account, not per card, so if you have authorized users on your AMEX card, the total reimbursement is still as above; your authorized users do not get their own reimbursement.

It's a good idea to obtain your fee credit early this year if you have an annual fee approaching and aren't planning to renew your AMEX Platinum or AMEX Business Platinum. That's my case, since the AMEX Business Platinum Annual Fee is Increasing to $595, and at that price, the card simply isn't worth it to me any longer for the few times I access AMEX Centurion Lounges each year.

What Are Eligible Reimbursable Airline Incidental Charges? Which Aren't Eligible?

Eligible incidental charges that in the past have been reimbursed, when billed by the designated airline (not a third party) are baggage and other service fees, change fees such as standby and same day change fees, in-flight purchases billed by the airline directly, lounge access fees billed by the airline directly, seat assignment fees, priority boarding fees, and airline mileage booster fees.

AMEX terms state that airline tickets, upgrades, purchases and transfer fees of frequent flyer miles, gift cards, duty free purchases, and award tickets are not deemed to be incidental fees.


So Airline Tickets Don't Count?

No, airline tickets won't be reimbursed. That said, a reimbursement that still works for certain airlines such as American Airlines and Delta are low denomination gift cards, such as $100 or $50 American Airlines gift cards and $50 Delta gift cards that are purchased online (but not via the mobile app–those aren't processed by Delta, so they're not reimbursed).


Change Your Designated Airline Until January 31, 2019

Another benefit of it being January is that this is the one time of year that current AMEX Platinum cardholders can change their designated airline. Go to the AMEX Airline Selection page and login to your AMEX account to change your selection. If you do nothing, your airline choice from 2018 will remain in effect. Note that you can only change your selection once per calendar year, in January, so be sure of your new choice before making your selection.

Which airline have you chosen for your AMEX airline incidental fee credit?

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