Amanoi Restaurant Review and Menu

Amanoi Restaurant Review and Menu


This Amanoi Restaurant Review and Menu post covers our food and dining experiences at Amanoi, by Vinh Hy Bay, Vietnam.

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Amanoi is a Virtuoso hotel, so TravelSort Clients enjoy complimentary daily breakfast for two, along with a complimentary lunch for two once during the stay, excluding alcohol, taxes and gratuities.

Amanoi Restaurant and the Beach Club

Amanoi's main restaurant is reached after ascending the stairs from the lobby. There are a number of tables available for al fresco dining, including several on the terrace with an uninterrupted sea view:

Amanoi Restaurant Review

In the evening, since it was a bit warm and humid and there were some bugs outside, I opted to dine inside the air conditioned area that is open for even dining:

Amanoi Indoor Seating

Amanoi's Beach Club is the perfect spot for lunch and light bites during the day, and has its own beautiful view:

Amanoi Beach Club Restaurant Review

Amanoi Breakfast Menu and Breakfast Dishes

I was impressed with the extent of Amanoi's breakfast menu, considering there are just 31 pavilions and villas. Here's the breakfast menu, with a number of international as well as Vietnamese choices, including egg dishes and fresh squeezed juices, as well as smoothies:

Amanoi Breakfast Menu

Amanoi Breakfast Menu-Egg Dishes and Vietnamese Dishes

Amanoi Fresh Squeezed Juices Menu


My favorite was the terrific house made vanilla yogurt with wonderful homemade toasted granola. I could see the vanilla bean specks in the yogurt, which wasn't overly sweet, and the granola was chock full of delicious toasted grains and nuts, with some dried fruit:

Amanoi Breakfast Review-Vanilla Yogurt with Homemade Granola


I also enjoyed the ricotta pancakes, even though they were a little dense for my preference; it's hard to beat the souffle pancakes we enjoyed at Amanjiwo. The taste was still excellent though, and especially nice with the honeycomb butter, bananas and syrup:

Amanoi Breakfast Review-Ricotta Pancakes


Fresh squeezed juices are a must for any luxury hotel, and it's great when there's more than just fresh squeezed orange juice. I tried a mixture of fresh squeezed orange juice and pineapple juice, which was a delicious combination.

Fresh Squeezed Orange-Pineapple Juice, Amanoi Review


Coffee drinkers shouldn't miss Vietnamese coffee, which is prepared with flair, with a traditional Vietnamese filter setup. I was asked how sweet I like my coffee, which is not very, so my server just added a touch of the sweetened condense milk before stirring it over ice. Best Vietnamese iced coffee I've ever had!

Amanoi Vietnamese Coffee Setup

Vietnamese Iced Coffee, Amanoi Review


Amanoi Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner and Dessert Menus and Dishes

My favorite savory dish at Amanoi that I sampled, was also one of the most traditional: Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio, or rice noodle salad with marinated grilled pork and Vietnamese spring rolls. It's such a satisfying dish, and Amanoi's version was stellar: perfectly cooked rice noodles with julienned vegetables, tender grilled pork, and freshly made spring rolls (Vietnamese ones have thinner, crispier skins than Chinese spring rolls), with nuoc cham on the side. It's hard to imagine a more satisfying dish, yet one that leaves you energized and isn't too heavy.

Amanoi Beach Club: Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio

On the day of my departure I also tried Amanoi's Pho Bo, Vietnamese noodle soup with beef. It was certainly hearty and hit the spot, although I was somewhat surprised that the broth wasn't clearer. Usually the best pho broth has been skimmed so it's quite clear, although redolent of the charred onions, star anise, ginger etc. that is used to make the broth. This broth was darker and not as clear as I'm used to, although still tasty, especially with all the fresh Vietamese basil and rau ram offered alongside.

Amanoi Review: Pho Beef Noodle Soup


Afternoon Tea is available 3:30-4:30 at the main restaurant, but don't expect sweet cakes; instead, Vietnamese savory rice cakes are cooked traditional style, with a choice of chicken or scallop filling:

Making Vietnamese Rice Cakes for Afternoon Tea, Amanoi


You can opt for coffee or tea (which I chose, since I avoid coffee late in the day due to the caffeine). My favorite were the rice cakes with scallops, but both were very good.

Scallop and Chicken Rice Cakes, Amanoi Afternoon Tea


Amanoi's dinner menu offers both Vietnamese and Western dishes (including gluten free pasta dishes) but I love Vietnamese food, so I chose only from the Vietnamese menu items.

Amanoi Dinner Menu

Amanoi Dinner Menu-Vietnamese Clay Pot Dishes and Side Dishes

Amanoi Dinner Menu-Western Appetizers

Amanoi Dinner Menu-Western Dishes-Pasta


My Clay Pot Grouper contained 3 pieces of very fresh Grouper, caught by local fisherman, nicely caramelized, and served with rice:

Clay Pot Grouper, Amanoi Dinner Review


I also tried a side dish of smoked eggplant, which I recommend as well.

Vietnamese Smoked Eggplant, Amanoi Dinner Review


Be sure to leave room for dessert though, as Amanoi offers several tempting choices:

Amanoi Dessert Menu


I chose the Passion Fruit Souffle, which had great tangy passion fruit flavor and reminded me of the delicious passion fruit souffle at Amankila.

Passion Fruit Souffle for Dessert, Amanoi Review

If you've dined at Amankila, what were your favorite dishes?

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Disclosure: I was a guest and enjoyed a complimentary stay and breakfast at Amanoi, however I paid for my own lunch and dinner, and the views expressed in this post are my own.

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