Amanjena Restaurant Menus and Dining

Amanjena Restaurant Menus and Dining


This Amanjena Restaurant Menus and Dining Review is part of a trip report including Iberia Business Class, plus reviews of luxury hotels and dining in Marrakech, Morocco. For the prior posts, please see:

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Amanjena Review, Marrakech, Morocco


Amanjena Restaurants and Dining Options

Amanjena's small, boutique size belies the several dining options for guests: traditional Moroccan cuisine is served in the evening, and Amanjena's Thai Restaurant serves Thai specialties for both lunch and dinner. The Pool Terrace, where we had our lunch, is open for breakfast and lunch, with both Mediterranean and Thai food offered. Guests can also enjoy private dining in their Pavilion, and we took advantage of this for our early morning breakfast, before departing for the airport. For a special occasion, Amanjena can organize a dinner accompanied by Moroccan music in the Caidal Tent. And finally, the Bar, where we enjoyed listening to music, is perfect for preprandial drinks or a post-dinner nightcap.


The Dining Scene at Amanjena

Our spring visit wasn't in peak season, so it was at lunch at the Pool Terrace when we saw the most Amanjena guests in one place during our stay–a family and two other couples. At dinner, we were the only guests in the beautiful Thai Restaurant. Perfect for couples who value a romantic dinner and privacy, although the munchkin of course wanted to know “where are all the people?” Most likely enjoying private dining by their fireplace, was my guess.


Amanjena Menus and Food

Our first meal was at the Pool Terrace, where we enjoyed lunch al fresco. This was my chance to try Amanjena's Thai food, known as being the best Thai food in Marrakech, with fresh ingredients flown in from Thailand. Here's the lunch menu:

Amanjena Thai Restaurant Menu


The lunch menu is abbreviated from the longer dinner menu. Fortunately, even though the Panang curry I was hoping for was only on the dinner menu, Amanjena's Thai Restaurant accommodated me and made it for lunch.

There are also Mediterranean and French options for lunch, if you don't care for Thai food:

Amanjena Lunch Menu - Sandwiches Pasta


And there was even a kids' menu, from which the munchkin happily chose the pasta carbonara, and I chose for him a side of carrots.

Amanjena Kids Menu


Our lunch started with a platter of fresh bread and organic olive oil from Amanjena's own olives poured tableside, along with a dish of tapenade made from Amanjena olives:

Amanjena Pool Terrace - Bread, Olive Oil, Tapenade


The munchkin's Pasta Carbonara was incredibly creamy and rich, such that even with his appetite, he couldn't finish it all:

Amanjena Kids' Menu - Pasta Carbonara


I loved how even the side dish of carrots was beautifully presented as carrot “ribbons” flecked with parsley:

Amanjena Kids Menu - Carrots


But the piece de resistance was definitely my Panang Curry with Beef–it may not be the spiciest Panang Curry I've had, but it was among the most flavorful and I ate every last bit. It came with rice, not pictured.

Amanjena Thai Restaurant - Spicy Panang Curry with Beef


Dinner was served in the Thai Restaurant, even though we selected from the Moroccan menu. The architecture features soaring ceilings and a melange of Thai and Moroccan styles:

Amanjena Thai Restaurant


We were seated at a banquette near the fireplace, our table set with highly polished wood accents:

Amanjena Thai Restaurant Dinner Setting


The Moroccan dinner menu featured traditional specialties, any number of which I would have liked to have tried had I been hungrier, but I let the munchkin choose since I was still living off my Thai lunch.

Amanjena Moroccan Dinner Menu


To start, we were brought fresh bread, Amanjena olive oil and cured olives:

Amanjena Dinner-Bread and Olive Oil


Next came a complimentary foie gras amuse bouche for each of us, although it was actually more the size of an appetizer. A delicious surprise for me, even though the munchkin didn't enjoy his.

Amanjena Dinner - Foie Gras Amuse Bouche


The munchkin had chosen an entree of chicken with lemon confit and olives, and I didn't manage to take a photo before it was cut and carved for us tableside. So the photo doesn't look like much, but it was very good, especially the tanginess imparted by the lemon confit of preserved lemon. The munchkin was far hungrier than I and ate most of the dish by himself.

Amanjena Moroccan Dinner - Chicken with Lemon Confit and Olives


In classic Aman style we were brought cool towels to wipe our hands after the meal:

Amanjena Restaurant - Cool Towels After Meal


We enjoyed looking at the dessert menu, but since neither of us was that hungry, we chose from a selection of housemade ice creams and sorbets: raspberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream and pistachio ice cream.

Amanjena Dessert Menu


It took a bit of time for the dessert to arrive, which surprised me as we were the only guests, but it was beautifully presented and adorned with some additional sweets when it was served. I especially enjoyed the raspberry sorbet, but perhaps the favorite for both of us was the complimentary banana vanilla ice cream we were served earlier that day by the pool.

Amanjena Dessert - Ice Creams and Sorbet


Amanjena Breakfast

Complimentary breakfast is included in your stay when booking as a TravelSort Client thanks to Virtuoso benefits. We enjoyed ours in our Pavilion, where it was beautifully layed out on the table, although in warmer months you might want to enjoy it outside in the courtyard.

Amanjena Breakfast


The munchkin wanted apple pancakes, and these reminded me of the fantastic banana pancakes we enjoyed at Amankila in Bali (see Amankila: Best Breakfast in Bali). 

Amanjena Breakfast - Apple Pancakes


The fruit plates featured orange, melon, plum, grapes and banana, all prettily plated:

Amanjena Breakfast - Fruit Plate


There were more pastries and breads than we could make a dent in:

Amanjena Breakfast: Pastries and Breads


One of my favorites was the thick and creamy plain yogurt, served with honey:

Amanjena Breakfast-Yogurt with Honey


And my other favorite was the dark and rich Valrhona hot chocolate. The photo didn't come out well, but this was the best hot chocolate I've had in a long time–highly recommended for any chocolate lovers.

Amanjena Breakfast - Valrhona Hot Chocolate


The Service

Service throughout, at Amanjena's Pool Bar, the Thai Restaurant and private dining, was superb. As you would expect, it was attentive but never rushed. There's no one waiting for your table, ever, and this is a pleasant change from dining in NYC or any other major cities or larger resorts. Everyone who served us in the restaurants spoke excellent English and French.


The Verdict

Sometimes the one criticism of an Aman Resort is that food doesn't quite match the otherwise incredibly luxurious experience. For anyone who enjoys Thai and Moroccan food, this is not the case at Amanjena. I can't speak to the more prosaic Mediterranean offerings at lunch or dinner, as I didn't try them, although the munchkin's pasta from the kids' menu was tasty. But the Thai and Moroccan specialties come highly recommended, as do the breakfasts.

Have you enjoyed dining at Amanjena?

Disclosure: We paid for our own lunch and dinner at Amanjena. My family and I were guests and enjoyed a complimentary stay and breakfast at Amanjena, however the views expressed in this post are my own.

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