Alaska Airlines: New Online Award Search for Emirates, Air France-KLM, Qantas

Alaska Airlines: New Online Award Search for Emirates, Air France-KLM, Qantas


Alaska Airlines has added online award search for new partners: Emirates, Air France-KLM, Qantas, Aeromexico, Air Pacific, Era Alaska and PenAir. Previously, in Alaska Airlines: Some One Way and Mixed Partner Awards Now Available, we reported that Alaska had enabled online award search for American Airlines, British Airways, and Delta.

Note that for Cathay Pacific award availability, you'll still need to call in; Cathay Pacific award tickets are *not* yet available online. So a phone call will be required to book one of the best deals for Alaska MileagePlan miles, 140K miles for Cathay Pacific First Class from the U.S. to South Africa via Hong Kong.

Now, unfortunately, if you're trying to book Emirates First Class (and perhaps some other partner award flights as well, for now I've just checked Emirates) the first class award availability using the Alaska Airlines online tool won't always match the availability you see either with Emirates Skywards or with Qantas.

For example, here's a search for May 9, 2014 NYC JFK to Dubai DXB on Alaska Airlines. Only Economy and Business award availability is shown:

Alaska Airlines: New Online Award Search for Emirates, Air France-KLM, Qantas


Here's the same search on Qantas, showing Emirates First Class award space available:

Alaska Airlines: New Online Award Search for Emirates, Air France-KLM, Qantas


And here's ExpertFlyer, showing 1 First Class award seat available:

Alaska Airlines: New Online Partner Award Search for Emirates, Air France-KLM, Qantas


So, while kudos to Alaska for putting additional partners online, I wouldn't rely on the availability that Alaska's online system currently shows–you should check other sources and if needed, call the Alaska partner desk.


Which Alaska Airlines Partners May Now Be Booked Online?

All Alaska Airlines partners may now be booked online except for Cathay Pacific and Korean Air.


Which Alaska Airlines Partners Can be Booked One Way?

All Alaska Airlines partners except Delta, Korean and LAN, which require roundtrip awards.


Can I Mix Alaska Airlines Partners on a One Way Award?

No–on a one way, only one partner plus Alaska Airlines may be used. On a roundtrip award, a different partner may be used.


Can I Fly Emirates to Australia or Central and South America using Alaska Miles? 

Nope–you must stick with the award charts Alaska publishes for Emirates awards, which are Asia, Africa, India and the Middle East from the U.S. See the Alaska Air Award Chart links by region.


Does the Alaska Airlines Online Award Search Display Accurate Award Space Availability?

Not always–see Emirates First Class example above.


Is a Stopover Allowed on Alaska One Way Partner Awards?

On most international itineraries, yes. But not on domestic U.S. or an Alaska Airlines partner's own regional/domestic flights, e.g. no stopover on a Qantas intra-Australia flight.


What If I Want a First Class Award and It's Not Available for All Segments?

If Business Class is currently available and you book that award but later want to switch to First Class if it becomes available, that would incur a change fee ($100 if made via the call center), plus the additional miles required to book First Class. You could however book a mixed class award if available, such as First Class on one segment and Business Class on another, and if First Class becomes available on the Business Class segment switch to that at no extra charge, since you've already redeemed for a First Class award.

For segments on Alaska Airlines metal, you can waitlist for First.

Do you plan to use the Alaska Airlines online award search for partner airlines, and if so, which partners?

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