AAdvantage Miles Can Still Book Etihad First Apartments and First Class

AAdvantage Miles Can Still Book Etihad First Apartments and Etihad First Class


AAdvantage miles can still be used to reserve Etihad First Apartment Awards on the A380 and Etihad First Class, including Etihad First Class on the 787-9 between Abu Dhabi and Washington Dulles IAD. There was apparently a glitch yesterday, where AAdvantage agents weren't able to book the same space that is visible as Etihad Guest awards, leading to a lot of hand wringing. And I did wonder if this wasn't on purpose, as perhaps part of an early AAdvantage devaluation or at least cost savings in the light of airline stocks, including American Airlines, under pressure from investors.

But fortunately today it's again possible to reserve Etihad First Apartment award space (mainly on the route between Sydney and Abu Dhabi) and Etihad First Class award space. Here are a couple of awards I just put on hold:

Sydney to Abu Dhabi in Etihad First Apartments on the A380

Etihad First Apartment Award on A380 with AAdvantage Miles


Abu Dhabi to Washington Dulles in Etihad First Class

Etihad First Class AAdvantage Award Abu Dhabi to Washington Dulles


Do you plan to use AAdvantage miles for an Etihad First Apartment or Etihad First Class award?

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