7X ThankYou Points Posted: Citi Prestige Retention Bonus for Airfare and Hotels

7X ThankYou Points Posted: Citi Prestige Retention Bonus for Airfare and Hotels

7X ThankYou points have posted for my Citi Prestige retention bonus, so I can report that you do indeed receive an additional 4X ThankYou points for airfare and hotel spend, in addition to the usual 3X ThankYou points, for a total of 7X. Thanks to this 7X bonus, I've resurrected my Citi Prestige from the sock drawer, where it mostly stayed after earning the signup bonus. 

If you accepted a similar retention bonus, you can see your additional bonus ThankYou points this way:

1. Log Into Your Citi Account

First, log into your Citi credit cards account.


2. Select Your Citi Prestige Card and Click on Points Summary

After selecting your Citi Prestige card, you should see your ThankYou points balance on the right. Underneath, click on “Points Summary.”

Click on Points Summary to View Citi Prestige ThankYou Points

3. If You Have More Than One ThankYou Points Account, Select Your Citi Prestige Account 

If you also have a Citi ThankYou Premier card, you'll need to again select your Citi Prestige account in order to see the ThankYou points earned on your Citi Prestige. Unlike Chase Ultimate Rewards points and AMEX Membership Rewards points, the Citi ThankYou points you earn from your Citi Prestige card are separate from those earned from your Citi ThankYou Premier card, which is important if you cancel one of the cards, as the points earned from that card are NOT kept alive simply by having another ThankYou points linked card. See Where to Transfer AMEX Points and Citi ThankYou Points Before Closing Credit Cards?

Select Citi Prestige Account

4. Click “+” to Expand and View Your 3X and 4X Bonus Points

Finally, you'll be able to click the plus symbol to expand and view the 3X points you earned from airfare and hotel spend, plus the bonus points you additionally earned if you accepted the 7X retention offer. Note that these are not labeled as 4X, but simply as “Bonus Points Earned,” but they should be 4X of the base amount. To check this, divide your 3X category points by 3 and multiply by 4–it should equal the bonus points earned.

View 7X ThankYou Points


In my case, so far I've spent about $4600 on airfare and hotels, and have about another $4150 of airfare and hotel spend (if made within these 6 months that my retention offer is valid) that will earn the 7X bonus.

The 7X Citi Prestige retention bonus is only for 6 months and the maximum spend that will earn the 7X bonus is $8750. That amount can be easier to meet than you'd think, if you plan travel well in advance and front load the spend for some of your 2017 travel or if you use your card for reimbursable work travel or for group travel expenses that relatives are paying you back for.

The 61,250 ThankYou points (7X x $8750) that I'll earn will help replenish some of the 80,000 points I transferred to KrisFlyer recently to book a Singapore Airlines Business Class ticket next year. 

It goes without saying that if the Citi Prestige normally offered 7X on airfare and hotels I'd keep the card; somehow I doubt that I'll get another 7X retention offer after this one expires, though. Instead, after maxing out the 7X on $8750 spend on airfare and hotels and after collecting my $250 airline credit in 2017, I'll be canceling my Citi Prestige switching my airfare and hotel spend to the 100K Chase Sapphire Reserve, earning 3X Ultimate Rewards points and enjoying a $300 statement credit on travel spend each year.

If you accepted a 7X Citi Prestige retention offer, have your bonus points posted?

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