2000 Miles & More Miles for Kids Joining JetFriends

2000 Miles & More Miles for Kids Joining JetFriends


Earn 2000 Miles & More bonus miles per kid who joins JetFriends, the Austrian Airlines club for kids and teens interested in planes and flying. 

JetFriends 2000 Miles & More Bonus Miles Details

  • Valid for new JetFriends members
  • Child must be 2-16 (ineligible for the bonus from 17th birthday)
  • Membership valid until the child's 18th birthday
  • Miles & More miles don't expire for the duration of JetFriends membership
This is actually not a new promotion; 2000 Miles & More miles for a new JetFriends member has been mentioned in this 2008 Flyertalk post and others.
That said, I was happy to see that the promotion is still active, and signed the munchkin up for it. I always recommend signing your kids up for the various frequent flyer programs, especially if there's a bonus available, and the great thing about Jetfriends is that your child's miles don't expire while a member, so you don't have to worry about signing up your two-year old then losing the miles just a few years later. And in light of the United award chart devaluation, and especially if your family is planning Miles & More award travel (leveraging the recent, now expired 50,000 bonus offers for the Lufthansa Miles & More cards) you may want to start crediting your child's Star Alliance flights to Miles & More so that all of you can fly Lufthansa First Class.
1. Go to JetFriends

Go to the 2000 Miles & More JetFriends offer page to view the offer details.

2. Click the “Join JetFriends” Link in the Right Navigation

Click on the JetFriends registration link on the right. If you're still in the German version, it says “Mitglied Werden” (become a member).
2000 Miles & More Miles for Kids Joining JetFriends

3. Click “Next” and Complete Your Child's Details

You'll need to enter all the usual details: your child's full name, address, birth date, and a user name and password. The site notes that you are *not* to use your child's name as the user name. You (or your child, if s/he is filling it out) also enter your own email so that you can receive a confirmation and agree to your child becoming a JetFriends member.
2000 Miles & More Miles per Kid who Joins JetFriends - Registration

4. Click the Link in the Parent Confirmation Email and Complete Your Parent Details

You'll then receive an email with a link that you click. You'll need to confirm your address and that you agree to your child becoming a member, before receiving a final confirmation email.
2000 Miles & More Bonus Miles per Kid who Joins JetFriends - Parent Confirmation Email

5. Receive the Confirmation Email and Follow up for Miles & More Miles if Needed

A short Flyertalk thread from 2011 noted that a couple folks didn't automatically receive the promised Miles & More miles, so if it's been a few weeks with no sign of the 2000 Miles & More miles in your child's account, definitely follow up so that they can be deposited.

If you have kids, have you gotten 2000 Miles & More bonus miles for each of them?

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