How Does Adding an Authorized User Affect My Credit Score and That of the Authorized User?
Hilary Stockton

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How Does Adding an Authorized User Affect My Credit Score?


A TravelSort reader writes "Is being an authorized user always beneficial? Does it generate a hard credit pull? Or, if utilization is high on that card, will it negatively impact my score as an authorized user? And how about if I add an authorized user, how does that affect my credit score?"

This question comes up a lot. On the one hand, many spouses add each other as an authorized user for convenience purposes if they have different cards, so they can help each other meet minimum spend for the best travel credit cards' signup bonuses, or so they can benefit from the annual AMEX Small Business Saturday promotion. 

But on the other hand, it's good to know what the potential impact to one's credit score is for the person adding an authorized user and for the authorized user.

No Hard Credit Pull

First, If your spouse or partner adds you as an authorized user to his or her credit card, you'll typically see the credit line in your credit report but it does NOT generate a hard credit pull.


Legitimate Authorized Users Are Impacted Positively and Negatively by the Account They're Added To

If you're a legitimate authorized user (spouse or partner added you, not done via a credit repair service), you'll benefit if the spouse or partner adding you as an authorized user has a strong credit score, pays the card off in full each cycle and has low utilization on the card. Note that to ensure you're getting the benefit of this, you should have a credit card issued in your name for use on your spouse's or partner's account. Ideally the issuer should also have your social security number--while not necessary, it helps ensure that your credit information is recorded accurately.

But if your spouse or partner has a poor credit score, falls behind in payments or has high utilization on that card, you'll be negatively affected as an authorized user.


FICO 08 Claims to Exclude Illegitimate Authorized Users

Note that many credit repair services seek to "piggyback" users with poor credit scores on the account of someone with a great credit score to artificially improve and repair a credit score. This worked pretty well until September 2007, when FICO accounced they would no longer factor authorized users into the FICO credit score calculation.

But this provoked an enormous backlash from legitimate authorized users--spouses, domestic partners, and parents helping their kids establish good credit--which prompted FICO to reverse itself in July 2008 and continue to count authorized users as part of the new FICO 08 model. FICO claims the  new forumula excludes illegitimate authorized users that were using credit repair services. Keep in mind that most banks don't disclose to what extent they use FICO 08, and many have their own proprietary scoring methodologies. Also note that most credit monitoring services give you FAKO scores, not FICO, which can make it very hard to determine the exact impact if you apply for a major loan from a given issuer.


But Authorized Users are Not Responsible for Payment; Only Joint Users Are

Authorized users are exactly that: authorized to charge to the primary cardholder's account. But, authorized users are not responsible for payment; only the primary cardholder is. So if your spouse is the primary cardholder and you're an authorized user and you separate, even if your spouse doesn't or can't pay the bill, you are not responsible for the bill.

That said, you'll probably want to pay it off and get yourself removed as an authorized user from all your spouse's account as quickly as possible, in order to protect your own credit score, due to what we noted above--authorized user scores *are* impacted by the primary cardholder's score, good and bad. But legally, you are not obligated to pay the bill, and you can dispute it with the issuer, who will probably come after you in spite of your not being legally responsible for the bill.

Joint cardholders, on the other hand, are jointly responsible, so if your spouse and your are joint users and separate, even if one of you can't pay the bill, the other will be responsible.

This is why I would *not* recommend adding your boyfriend or girlfriend (or even partner or child if s/he can't be trusted to be financially responsible) as an authorized user since you never know if the relationship may sour and result in that person racking up charges that you alone are responsible for. 

To sum up, here are some pros and cons of adding an authorized user:

Pros of Adding an Authorized User to Your Credit Card

  • Help from spouse/partner in meeting minimum spend for credit card sign-up bonuses
  • Additional $25 credit per authorized AMEX card user for AMEX Small Business Saturday
  • Use your good credit score to help spouse, partner or child improve his/her credit score

Cons of Adding an Authorized User to Your Credit Card

  • If relationship goes sour, authorized user could rack up charges on your card that you alone are responsible for, increasing your utilization and damaging your credit score
  • If you fall behind on payments or your credit score declines, that impacts your authorized user(s)
  • Excessive numbers of authorized users can trigger an AMEX financial review

Have any experiences or tips to share about adding or being an authorized user on a credit card?

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User_avatar_default Seth A. commented 15 Feb 2013
Really enjoyed this. Can you advise on how this works relative to any outstanding debt that one party might have? My girlfriend and I live together but have avoided adding her as an authorized user on my card because she has student loan debts and we are nervous that if our credit is "linked" in any way, that the loan companies would see this and be able to ask me for payment.
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 15 Feb 2013
Seth, adding her as an authorized user wouldn't make you responsible for her student loan debt. The only way you could be adversely affected is if your girlfriend as an authorized user on your account racks up debt on that card that you have trouble repaying or creates high utilization on that account, which could also lower your credit score. Student loan debt incurred prior to marriage is the sole responsibility of the student and anyone who cosigned the loan. You do want to be careful about true commingling of finances though--avoid having joint checking and savings accounts since a lender could try to get payment from you.
Avatar_60_img_20130404_150640 Elizabeth L. commented 16 May 2013
Thanks for the info! I was wondering if I want to add my husband as joint account holder for 3 of my credit cards (1 discover, 1 bank of america mastercard, and 1 U.S. Bank visa), would that result in 3 hard pulls on my husband's credit report? If my credit score is lower than that of my husband, would it not be advisable for him to joint in on my 3 credit cards (these 3 have no balance on them though) since my credit score would negatively affect him like the situation with adding authorized user? Thanks for your help in advance!
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 18 May 2013
Elizabeth, typically issuers will only let you add authorized users to an existing account; for a joint account, you would need to open a new account together, and there would be a hard pull for each of you, instead of no hard pull for adding an authorized user. Purely from a credit card bonus standpoint, I would advise you to each open separate credit cards so that you can both receive the signup bonuses. You can still add each other as authorized users in that case.
Avatar_60_img_20130404_150640 Elizabeth L. commented 22 May 2013
Good point and info, thanks for answering :)
Picture?type=large Natasha H. commented 13 Jun 2013
I was added as an authorized user and now my credit score has dropped. If I ask to be removed would that return my score as it once was or is it better to have the card holder pay off the balances?
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 13 Jun 2013
Natasha, there may be other factors that could have contributed to your credit score dropping, so I can't comment on whether removing yourself would be sufficient to raise your credit score to its former level. But certainly, if the primary cardholder isn't paying his/her balances, it's important to get yourself removed as an authorized user as soon as possible. As mentioned in the post, you want to avoid being an authorized user unless there's a compelling reason why you need to be on the card, and the primary cardholder has a strong credit score and continues to pay off the balance in full every month.
Picture?type=large Vishanti B. commented 01 May 2016
I required VA 10-5345 earlier this week and was made aware of a website with lots of form templates . If you are looking for VA 10-5345 as well , here's a link
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