When Can You Get a Credit Card Signup Bonus Again?
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When Can You Get a Credit Card Signup Bonus Again?


When can you get a credit card signup bonus again? TravelSort reader Dave writes "I'm just getting started with travel rewards credit cards, and my question is: when can I get a credit card signup bonus again? Is it after 1 year? Is it a year from when I last applied or when I canceled the card? How much does it vary from bank to bank?"

Great question--this is something that definitely varies from bank to bank, and even for a given bank has varied over time and even among card members sometimes. I'll tackle this for the major U.S. credit card issuers: Chase, American Express, Citi, and Barclays. Of course, if you have a spouse or partner, don't forget that you can each apply for and receive the bonus for a given card, even if one of you has previously been an authorized user on the other's card. 


The general rule of thumb is that with Chase, you can only get a signup bonus once for a specific card product. So, for example, if you previously got the Hyatt Visa with its bonus of two free nights at any Hyatt worldwide, you won't be able to earn that bonus again, even if you closed the card a couple of years ago. 

That said, if you apply for what Chase considers to be a different credit card than those you've had before, you should be able to receive a bonus for that new product. For example, if you previously had an Ink Bold charge card and received 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points as a signup bonus, you can apply for an Ink Plus credit card with another 50,000 signup bonus since it's a different product.

Chase will even typically consider a MasterCard version of a card as a different product than the Visa version of that card, for Chase's own cards (but not, say, an affiliate card such as the IHG Rewards Card). That's why some who originally had (or converted to) a Sapphire Preferred MasterCard were able to get another signup bonus when applying for the Sapphire Preferred Visa, and why most who have had the MasterCard version of the Ink Bold or Ink Plus are now able to get a new signup bonus for the Visa version of those cards, since Chase has switched to exclusively issuing Visa versions of these cards.

American Express

American Express used to allow you to get another signup bonus for a given credit card if you hadn't had that card within the past year, and hadn't had any Platinum, Gold, or Green AMEX within the last 90 days. More recently, however, AMEX has become stingier with signup bonus rules (for example, the Mercedes-Benz AMEX Platinum and regular AMEX Platinum are considered the same product, even though they have different annual fees and slightly different benefits) and indications are that all AMEX consumer card signup bonuses are becoming once in a lifetime


Citi is interesting, since there are some cards where a number of folks have been able to earn the bonus twice for the exact same card product (for example, the current great 100K Citi Executive AAdvantage card) and yet you can no longer earn another bonus for the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select card within a short time period (see Citi AAdvantage: No More Churning). So if you recently had the Citi Platinum Select AAdvantage Visa and closed it, you can't just turn around and apply for a Citi Platinum Select AAdvantage World MasterCard to earn another 50,000 miles signup bonus, as they the Visa, MasterCard and AMEX versions are all considered the same product. You may be able to reapply and earn the bonus again for a Citi Platinum product, but only 12-20 months after your most recent application for a Citi AAdvantage consumer card, including the Citi Executive AAdvantage card.

With Citi Business AAdvantage cards, some have been able to reapply and earn the bonus again every 3-6 months or so, but they've had to have closed out the card and the Master account. Some have not been able to earn the bonus again for the Citi Business AAdvantage card, ever--so count yourself lucky if you're able to keep reapplying and earning the bonus for the Citi Business AAdvantage cards.


Barclays is what I consider to be the pickiest issuer, because even quite a few who have a stellar credit score but have recently applied for a number of credit cards are denied by Barclays, while being approved by Chase and AMEX. So if you do want the US Airways World MasterCard, Barclays Arrival Card and/or Hawaiian Air MasterCard I recommend applying for these Barclays cards *before* you apply for a bunch of other credit cards from Chase, AMEX and Citi. 

The good news is that a number of folks have managed to get two and sometimes even three or more bonuses for the US Airways World MasterCard, often even without closing the existing card. The bad news is that it's quite individual, and others have been denied for another card, citing the fact that they already have that card product. At least, with the Hawaiian Air MasterCard, if you had a prior version issued by Bank of America or Bank of Hawaii, you'll be eligible for this new card since it's from a new issuer, Barclays.

What's your experience been in earning another signup bonus for the same credit card?

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User_avatar_default Sil L. commented 24 Mar 2014
Took a risk and cancelled my IHG Visa card yesterday as I received a letter stating that a new version of the MC will be sent to me by May 17, 2014. Do you think I should get the bonus for the IHG MC if I apply in a couple of months or so?
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 24 Mar 2014
Sil, I doubt it in this case--terms state "Previous and existing IHG® Rewards Club cardmembers/accounts are not eligible" and since the bonus is fulfilled by IHG and not Chase, unlikely you'll get the bonus with your current Priority Club account. I've heard that some people close down their frequent flyer / hotel loyalty account specifically to earn the bonus again, not that I'm suggesting or recommending this.
User_avatar_default Peter A. commented 24 Mar 2014
Hi What is the rule to churn boa cards? What about citi Aa business card? What is the rule now? Thanks. Alvin
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 24 Mar 2014
Some have been able to repeatedly reapply and receive the bonus for the Citi Business AAdvantage card, but some haven't--it's worth trying, just make sure to close out the master business account in addition to the card. For Bank of America, the main card I care about is the Alaska Visa, and many have been able to successfully reapply and receive the bonus. I would wait at least 6 months after your first application to apply again.
User_avatar_default Peter A. commented 24 Mar 2014
Do I need to close boa card before reapplication? How about Alaska business card? Thanks
User_avatar_default Gary R. commented 24 Mar 2014
I've had a different experience with Chase. I canceled the Mileage Plus Explorer card and reapplied after a year. I received the bonus without any problem. I am hoping to have the same luck when I reapply for the Chase Southwest card later this year in order to requalify for the Companion Pass.
Avatar_60_hilary Hilary Stockton commented 24 Mar 2014
Thanks for your comment and sharing your experience, sounds like you were very lucky, as this isn't the norm, especially if using the same frequent flyer number.
Picture?type=large Raymond C. commented 16 Jan 2015
Isn't the new rule with Chase is that you just cancel the card and then reapply, as long as you received the bonus more than 2 years ago you can get it again? The terms and conditions on the Hyatt card now says "This new cardmember bonus offer is not available to either (i) current cardmembers of this consumer credit card, or (ii) previous cardmembers of this consumer credit card who received a new cardmember bonus for this consumer credit card within the last 24 months."
User_avatar_default Babs D. commented 18 Jan 2015
Can you get different versions of the Citi AAdvantage card. I got the Gold and realized I really want the Platinum. Are they different products? Should I cancel the gold and then apply for platinum. My husband got the Platinum and downgraded to Bronze, can he get the Gold now?
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