Class Warfare: Economy Class vs. First Class 1957-2010
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In the early years of commercial flight every seat was luxurious, with free drinks, 7-course meals and lots of legroom. In 1957, when flying Economy Class first became an option, it was not so very different from flying First Class. But over the years, especially as a result of airline deregulation in 1978, the gap in cost and service between flying Economy Class and First Class has become a chasm.

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Avatar_60_greg%20b Greg James commented 17 Nov 2010

Really cool graphic!  I guess the fate of the two classes on an airplane is  really like a microcosm of what has been happening to US society as a whole over the last several decades.  Not to make this too political, but it is hard to look at this without thinking of all the various ways, both large and small, that our society is splitting into the haves an the have-nots.  It really makes me want to find some way to once in awhile be able to enjoy some of those fantastically luxurious accomodations, like the in-flight massage or shower spa!  One can only dream...   

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