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Wilson M. commented on the post Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards Bonus Offers - April 2017
Hi Hilary, I opened the Citibusiness AAdvantage MC on 12/20/14 for the 50k promo and I also have an existing non-business citi AAdvantage MC for 12 years . Do you know if I can opened a second non-business AAdvanage MC with 50k mile bonus? If yes, since I opened the Business credit card in 12/20/14, how long should I wait to apply to have a better chance of approval? Thanks!
February 11, 2015
Wilson M. commented on the post Member Question: Do SPG Cash & Points Award Stays Earn Elite Status?
Hi Hilary, I have a Citi AAdvantage World MasterCard for 12 years and recently opened the Citibusiness AAdvantage MC for the 50k miles bonus on 12/20/2014. I am wondering if I can still take advantage of their promo and open the Citi AAdvanage world master card 50k deal given that I already have one for 12 years. If they allow a second non-business credit card for the deal, given that i just opened the business Credit credit with them, how long should I wait to apply in order to have a better chance of getting approve for the credit card? Thank you!
February 11, 2015
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February 11, 2015