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Richie B. commented on the post 6 Reasons Delta SkyMiles AMEX Cards Aren't Worth It
Um, I fly only in the US. Primarily from Bismarck ND, which is served by Delta. I have churned my way to 200k Delta Miles, by applying for Every Amex Product (yes including Delta Skymiles Personal And Business). I saw no drawback to just grabbing the low hanging fruit, getting the miles, then closing The Cards after 1 Year. Why would i turn down 50k free miles that they are literally dropping into my lap? Add in 50k for business, then 50 k each personal and business for my wife (Business Bonuses can be had Every 12 Months), I see it hard to Say no to free miles. We travel from ND to NY to visit family Yearly, and through MS/Churning we can do it free Each Year.
December 21, 2015
Richie B. commented on the post Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards Bonus Offers - April 2017
um, this is an old post, since u have comments from 2012, yet it's Dated Oct 2015. Misleading much?
October 31, 2015