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Concord, North Carolina
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Matthew W. commented on the post Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards Bonus Offers - April 2017
Hilary, Now that the Amex Everyday Preferred has been available for 6 months or so, would it make your top 8 for everyday spend? For myself, 52% of my budgeted spending goes to grocery and gas. 19% to dining out, and 29% on non bonus items such as utilities, donations, and other bills. Total monthly spend roughly $1550. I live near an AA hub (Charlotte) so I like the idea of earning MR to transfer to Avios for shorter, domestic flights. From my perspective, the Amex Everyday Preferred seems like a no brainer because I can get more per spend on most of my budget than Barclays Arrival or Chase Sapphire Preferred. Also want to take a trip to Spain in the coming years so trying to collectl lots of AA miles. Currently have the Citi AA platinum with 50,000 bonus earned and my wife is about to apply for the same. 1) Is the the U.S. Air Dividend card with 40,000 bonus worth the $89 fee (converting to AA in 2015)? 2) if I cancelled my Citi AA today, about how soon could I get another with bonus? 3) for my spending, is the Amex Everyday Preferred a good move to get most bonus from everyday spend? 4) any other airlines miles programs/cards I should consider for Charlotte to Madrid besides AA? Thanks for your advice. Love your blog.
October 23, 2014