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Matt B. commented on the post British Airways New First Class Review LHR to JFK and Giveaway
Definitely Emirates First Class--want to try the shower. Is there some way to redeem miles or points for the Hong Kong to Bangkok route?
October 30, 2013
Matt B. commented on the post Gotham Bar and Grill NYC Restaurant Review
For fine dining near Union Square, I would have included Danny Meyer's Union Square Cafe.
September 25, 2013
Matt B. commented on the post Four Seasons Paris Review
The pool (and everyrhing else) looks pretty fabulous. Perhaps one day I'll splurge on a stay at this hotel.
September 09, 2013
Matt B. commented on the post Delta SkyMiles for Virgin Atlantic Upper Class: Top 10 Tips
What is your overall view of Virgin Atlantic Upper Class service? I see you wrote a mixed review awhile back about Virgin America First Class, but I was wondering about your opinion of the US-London service. By the way, there was an interesting article in the NYT yesterday about whether and how Virgin is likely to survive as an airlines generally.
September 09, 2013
Matt B. commented on the post Dalhousie Castle Falconry Review
Falconry! Very cool. Certainly not something every hotel can offer.
September 09, 2013
Matt B. commented on the post Etihad First Class Review: Abu Dhabi to NYC
Wow. So I can't resist asking did you pay for this for any of the three of you or use points?
August 01, 2013
Matt B. commented on the post Roosevelt Island Tram and Franklin D Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park
The tram ride is the best part of the trip. Roosevelt Island itself is not very interesting.
July 30, 2013
Matt B. commented on the post New Google Wallet Send Money for TravelSort Clients and Readers
Please invite me to the new Google Wallet-thanks!
May 21, 2013
Matt B. commented on the post Starwood $25 Award Certificate for Gold and Platinum SPG Elites
John, I hear you--the $25 Starwood award certificate doesn't go that far, given overpriced hotel food, drinks and other amenities, though it's better than nothing. The real bonus is from AMEX on Small Business Saturday, if you have a lot of AMEX cards and have added some authorized users :)
January 25, 2013
Matt B. commented on the post Lufthansa New First Class Review
John, thanks for the kind words--I've not yet tried Lufthansa's new business class, but I think the calculus will depend on a few factors, such as your points stash (if you have a ton of United points, I'd definitely recommend first over business since it's not really that many more points more), how much you value the additional space, better service and better food, and whether you'll be able to maximize your experience by using one of Lufthansa's first class lounges or even the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt. And of course there's also the matter of availability, since you can only book Lufthansa First Class with partner miles up to 15 days in advance, and even then it can be scarce.
January 23, 2013
Matt B. commented on the post Best Key West Hotels
As always, great hotel picks and great advice on how to get there!
November 13, 2012
Matt B. commented on the post Use United Free One Ways to Maximize Your Award
I think I understand how this works. My question is whether there is some maximum time for the stopover-- in other words, how long an interval can there be between returning to Newark and commencing your 1-way flight to Hawaii?
November 05, 2012
Matt B. commented on the post Airline Ticket Name Change or Transfer to Another Person?
I like the idea of changing it for a date far in the future and hoping for cancellations. At least you can defer the pain. I have always found this problem to be one of the biggest hassles about airline ticketing policies.
November 05, 2012
Matt B. commented on the post Earn 1 Million Miles and Points in a Year Without Flying
Wow. Thanks so much for putting all this information in one place. Time to fly!
November 05, 2012
Matt B. commented on the post United FareLock Fee: Worth It, or Use a Free Hold?
Doesn't sound like it's worth it for only seven days. For two or three weeks would be a better deal.
October 20, 2012
Matt B. commented on the post Top 5-Star Luxury Hotels in St. Petersburg, Russia
Perhaps some of those classics of Russian literature influenced me, but I have always wondered what it would be like to experience the White Nights of St. Petersburg. Have you ever been during that time? Is it a bucket-list worthy experience?
October 20, 2012
Matt B. commented on the post Best Johannesburg 5-Star Luxury Hotels
Thanks for the tips! A good friend is planning his honeymoon here so I will be sure to forward this.
October 13, 2012
Matt B. commented on the post Hotel Review: Batu Karang Resort on Nusa Lembongan
I have never stayed at Batu Karang (it looks lovely), but I have visited Nusa Lembongan. It seems to be an undiscovered, or less-discovered, gem near Bali. But I couldn't help noticing that while there were some European and Australian tourists (like Bali), there seemed to be almost no Asian or Japanese tourists (unlike Bali).
September 22, 2012
Matt B. commented on the post JetBlue Deal-Save $100 Off Roundtrip Flights
The code in the post now only gives $25 each way--I managed to book one trip with $50 off each way for a total of $100 off, but can't manage to book my friend with a total of $100 off--any other codes?
September 14, 2012
Matt B. commented on the post Hotel Price Fixing Class Action and How to Avoid Overpaying for Hotels
Jetsetter has some nice hotels and deals, but I hate that you can never change or cancel. Can you change/cancel TravelSort hotel deals?
September 09, 2012
Matt B. commented on the post Earn Miles and Points for Dining
I really need to get a Freedom card for those 5X bonuses...
September 09, 2012
Matt B. commented on the post What's in My Wallet: Hal Phillips of Mandarin Media
Question about the American Express Starwood Preferred Guest: is the 5,000 mile referral bonus good for only one referral, or can you refer multiple friends and obtain multiples of 5,000? Thanks.
August 24, 2012
Matt B. commented on the post Flight Review: Cathay Pacific First Class NYC-Hong Kong with a Kid
Thanks for the great information, whether traveling with or without ankle-biter.
August 24, 2012
Matt B. commented on the post Top 10 Reasons to Fly First Class with Kids
This would be a great post - if I had kids. So all I can say is that I very much hope that families disregard your advice about flying first class with kids, and instead keep them penned up back where they belong.
August 19, 2012
Matt B. commented on the post Four Seasons Hong Kong Hotel Review
Perhaps this is a stupid question, but is it easy to get around Hong Kong if you only speak English? I am sure that will suffice at the Four Seasons, but what about taxi drivers, small restaurants, etc.? Thanks.
August 19, 2012