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Marcel L. commented on the post Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards Bonus Offers - February 2017
Hi Hilary, I live in the Netherlands, Europe. Currently I have a Flying Blue Amex card, i.e. the card is connected to our national airline KLM (and Air France and other Flying Blue airlines). Your blog seems to focus on the US. Do you have information on the best deals / cards when being based in main land Europe (so not UK)?, or are you aware of a site that has this info? The Amex card is no fun fo regulare spending because of the huge costs for currency exchanges. But so far the visa and master cards that i can find overhere are just plain vanilla cards without connection to airline programs. For hotels I have a Preferred Gold card from Hilton and I am SPG Platinum member. Thanks in advance for your feedback. Marcel
August 18, 2013