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Cynthia C. commented on the post Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards Bonus Offers - February 2017
Hi there, I am VERY new to the points game and applied for the CSP card (after a lot of researching). I like the fact that you can get the freedom card with it and share the ultimate rewards. My husband and I are realistic….we don’t make a ton of money. Seeing as we are a teacher and an nurse, most of our travel is domestic and probably will be for a long time, but we still find value in domestic travel as you can get to sunny beaches and beautiful mountains within the US. Plus, we love Disney. Anyways, I’m trying to get a handle on the VALUE of the point. I know that it’s something that’s important to understand when redeeming points, as I don’t want to just throw away points by only getting 1 cent per point. I do want to get SOME value when redeeming points. For a couple on a budget that can only afford coach class and domestic travel, in your opinion, what would be an acceptable point value when redeeming flight and hotel for travel. 2 cents per point? I’m just looking for a start. I know that this is variable due to many peoples goals, but seeing our goals for now, what would you suggest? For now, I’m just starting with the CSP and Chase Freedom card. I know that combining cards for points and such is the best way to do this, but I am a BEGINNER!! Once I get a handle on the two cards I have and ben using them to their fullest cash back value, I may dabble in a little more CC shopping for points. BTW we have excellent credit. Thanks! Cynthia
May 14, 2015