What are the most beautiful and romantic places in Paris?
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Paris as a whole is a very beautiful and romantic city and it isn’t easy to list all of the great sites for lovers. However, the following are my picks:

1.      Eiffel Tower by Night: The symbol of the city of romance is stunning at night with its silver and gold lights. The view is bound to put any pair of lovers in a romantic mood.

2.      Pont des Arts (Le Pont des Arts, 1er): This pedestrian bridge is considered as one of the most romantic bridges in Paris. Numerous lovers have written their names on padlocks which they lock to the bridge as a sign of their everlasting love.

3.      Jardin du Luxembourg (75006 Boulevard Saint Michel, 6e): This lush park filled with fountains and statues is a great place for a picnic as well as a romantic stroll. 

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Strolling hand in hand along the Seine while taking in the sights is a very romantic thing to do in Paris. Head towards the Ile de la Cité and the historic sights. Sneak in a kiss every now and then. Parisians are so used to this they won’t be shocked at all. Marvel at Notre Dame’s beautiful stained glass rose windows, and venture up to the second floor of Sainte Chappelle, where the tall, ethereal stained glass windows flood the intimate space with colored light.

To get some truly royal treatment, check in at the Four Seasons George V. With its elegantly appointed rooms and suites, and great views of the Champs Elysees, you will definitely feel like a king and queen. For an ultra-romantic dinner book a table at Le Cinq, the hotel’s award-winning dining room.

The Medici Fountain is a beautiful place to just spend time with a loved one. It’s located at the Jardin du Luxembourg, a big public park in the 6th arrondissement.  Trees shade the fountain and a long basin of water, making it a good place to spend the afternoon. Be sure to look for the Leda Fountain, hidden behind the Medici fountain.

And it might be cliched, but there’s always the Eiffel Tower. Whether it’s going up the tower at night to see the sparkling Paris city lights, or picnicking along the grassy grounds during the day, the Eiffel Tower has always been a place for lovers.


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