What are the best value "hidden gem" Paris bistros popular with locals?
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Restaurant L’Avant-Goût, found in the popular village-like La Butte aux Cailles area of Paris, features an inventive twist on traditional French Cuisine for only 14-18 Euros for lunch. Another possibility and a phenomenal bargain considering its location in the trendy 7th arrondisement is Chez Germaine, (30, rue Pierre Leroux, tel: +33 1 42 73 28 34) featuring a simple yet tasty menu with the average main course at 10 euros. Finally, for a special treat, especially when the weather is nice, try Chez Lena et Mimile a quaint little bistro near Rue Mouffetard, offering a lovely terrace and traditional French fare at approximately 24 euros for the main courses.


Mar 22, 2011 12-05-05

There's a fantastic vegetarian restaurant just a few minutes walk from Notre Dame but still, out of the frenzy of cameras and tourists. It has a truly authentic 'local bistro' feel. It's on the Left Bank and feels really quiet and relaxing. One minute we were outside Notre Dame with thousands of others and a few minutes later it felt like we were in an old French town. To be honest, someone recommended it to us before our first trip to Paris and I was dubious - I kinda couldn't imagine a friendly 'small town' bistro practically across the road from Notre Dame! But we went there and it was wonderful. I guess a name would be handy!!! It's called 'Le Grenier de Notre Dame and its address is: 5th, 18 Rue de la Bucherie. Tel# 01 43 29 98 29. They serve meat dishes too! Now they're not terribly cheap - some dishes were dear-ish. But not top rates either. We found the variety refreshing as 3 of us are vegetarian (one very strict, two fish eaters) and the other two are carnivores! Oh they had some lovely soft drinks too with a mixture of flavors.

A word of warning though. I recall they had some odd opening hours. That might have changed though. Their website is http://www.legrenierdenotredame.fr/ so perhaps you could see if their hours or posted there.

Apr 5, 2011 12-05-05