What are the best thermal baths in Budapest, which also offer great massages?
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There are more than 100 hot springs in Budapest, but here are the best:

Gellért Bath is one of the most popular locations amongst visitors. This lovely complex offers 13 different pools, including three outdoor pools, two effervescent baths, and eight thermal baths. Some are for men or women only, and some are co-ed. Gellert Bath also offers dry and steam saunas and a variety of massages, from Swedish to therapeutic to foot massages and even underwater massage. Entrance fee is 13-15 Euros, and 20-30 minute massages are about 15 Euros.

The Szechenyi Bath is another wellness center that has great services. You can simply swim or be guided by an instructor in water aerobics or other exercises. Massages here are similar to at Gellert Bath, but you can also have a Thai massage. Entrance fee is 8-13 Euros and massages cost 7-15 Euros.

Újpest Thermal Bath (1042 Árpád út 114) is a cheaper option available for budget tourists. Being situated in the Pest part of the city, it offers a large swimming area and many services. Enjoy underwater massage, therapeutic massage, Swedish massage or sole reflexology.

Lukacs Bath is another comfortable place. A big swimming pool and baths are available. It provides therapeutic, Swedish, foot and underwater massages. Entrance is 7-12 Euros and massages cost 8-15 Euros.

Apr 3, 2011 12-05-05

In addition to the above, Budapest is also one of the few cities where traditional/original Turkish baths can be found. One of the oldest, Veli Bej, is scheduled to reopen this month, after being beautifully restored. It will offer 5 pools, steam baths, saunas and massages. It's located in Obuda and the address is: Árpád fejedelem útja 7, Budapest 1023, their website will have more details once it's open.

Apr 4, 2011 12-05-05

I for myself must also recommend the Gellert baths. If you stay in the Gellert Hotel, which, by the way, offers cheap deals during the non-tourist season (February, March - that was when I went there), you can access the baths any time you want for free. The hotel guests even have their own entrance, so you can change into your bathrobe in your room and descend to the baths only with a swimsuit and a bathrobe.

It is an awesome experience. In the evening, all you meet in the halls and the elevators are hotel guests in bathrobes. I also enjoyed the fact that there are separate baths for men and women - although on Sunday, everyone can go everywhere.

The Spa offers massages from as cheap as 6 EUR to the more complex and deluxe types (such as a full chocolate massage). You can also book a Thai massage in the hotel itself, though we did not try that out for ourselves.

Apr 29, 2011 12-05-05