What are Bangkok’s best neighborhoods and markets for street food?
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Don't miss the Saochingcha district, near Bangkok City Hall, where you can sample everything from delicious noodle dishes such as Mee Krob, Pad Thai and Tom Yum soup from Chotechitr (146 Phraeng Phuton) to pork satay and laquered bbq duck at Tien Song Ped Yang (168-172 Dinsor Road) to sticky rice with mango at Kao Neoo Korpanich (431-433 Tanao Road).Most dishes are less than $2.

Sukhumvit Soi 38 is another good place to go, open in the evenings until late (1-2am). Try Pad See Ew at Rad Na Yod Phak and fresh spring rolls or noodles with tofu sauce at Nong Amp. At nearby Sukhumvit 55, try seafood Pad  Thai at Hoi Thod Chow Le and more sticky rice with mango at Mae Varee Fruits Shop.

Mar 22, 2011 12-05-05

I love Bangkok and I love Thai street food. It’s so delicious and the flavors just burst in your mouth. There’s a perfect balance of sweet and sour, of salty and spicy.


One of my favorite areas to eat authentic Thai food is at Tanao Road, which is within walking distance of the Grand Palace. I make it a point to eat at Chote Chitr and Kor Panich every time I’m in Bangkok. And I always leave satisfied. Chote Chitr is just a small restaurant. I only counted around five or six tables but everything they serve there is delicious. Two thumbs up for the Mee krob, tom yum soup, som tam (papaya salad) and fish in red curry. For best results, don’t look at the menu; let the owner choose for you. After grabbing lunch at Chote Chitr, I walk a few meters to Kor Panich, which serves the best mangoes in sticky rice! Lunch for two will probably only set you back $15-20.


Since Khao San Road is popular with backpackers, there are a lot of street food carts dotting the area, especially at night. The food is hot, cheap and delicious, ranging from pad thai to my personal favorite, deep fried banana fritters. You can also try more exotic food like fried scorpions.


It may be super crowded but Chatuchak Weekend Market, which is open every Saturday and Sunday, is the best place to shop for bargains. With more than 400 food stalls, it is also the best place to go on a food trip. Just walk around and try anything that catches your fancy. I usually get the different kinds of satay and meats and seafood on skewers so I can walk while I eat. 


Another good place to eat Thai street food is actually inside a shopping mall. Food courts have become well-known in serving delicious and authentic Thai food. And you can eat in relative comfort. One I have tried and liked is Food Loft, located in Central Department Store. 


May 2, 2011 12-05-05