What are the best snorkeling and diving spots in Bali?
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There are plenty of nice places in Bali to snorkel. But my favorite spots have to be Nusa Lembongan, in the south and Amed and Tulamben in the east. Amed was formerly known as for its fishing communes, and although the vibe has somewhat diminished following rapid tourist development, it remains a perfect place to get away from the Kuta and Seminyak buzz. Nusa Lembongan can be reached via Sanur in 30 minutes (with speed boat) or an hour and a half (with a traditional boat). Lembongan has beautiful  coral reefs and if you happen to be there in the right season (off rainy season), prepare to be entertained by numerous school of fishes, such as Clown Fish, Parrot Fish, Regal Angelfish, Moray eel, Barracuda. 

Amedand Tulamben are only 30 minutes apart, so many often confuse Tulamben with Amed.  Other than beautiful coral beds, there’s a Japanese shipwreck in Amed which has now become the playground for divers, snorkelers, and colorful fishes alike.  Angelfish, Bannerfish, and Orange-lined Triggerfish are the most common fishes you’ll get to see there.

Though Bali is sunny all year round, avoid snorkeling (and diving) during the month of October until April when currents can be overwhelming and somewhat unpredictable. Dry season is always the best season to go when visibility is best. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get a glimpse of the huge Mola-Mola fish.


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