What are the best places to take a Balinese cooking class in Bali?
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There are countless restaurants and homestays that provide Balinese cooking classes. But for the best, don't miss Ms. Janet De Neefe's class at The Casa Luna Cooking School in Ubud. You’ll learn how to make spiced fish in banana leaves, Balinese chicken satay, and scrumptious desserts such as black rice pudding and green coconut crêpes.  Also located in Ubud, try Paon Bali which is run by Puspa and Wayan, who will not only teach you how to prepare authentic Balinese dishes such as Fish Satay, Balinese soup (SayurDelih), and Gado-Gado, but also introduce you to the way of life in the surrounding village and to unique Balinese ingredients at the nearby wet market. Chef Heinz Von Holzen's Bumbu Bali is also a culinary gem in the Nusa Dua area. Chef Heinz describes himself as a Balinese food addict. After a visit to a local fish and wet market, participants will learn how to make great Balinese classics such as Pork Braised in Sweet Soy Sauce (Be Celeng Base Manis),  Lamb Stew with Cardamom (KambingMekuah), and Shredded Chicken with Chili and  Lime (AyamPelalah).

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