What are the best must-see places in Bali that aren't too touristy?
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Bali is more than what meets the eye. Kuta and Seminyak are really not the true face of Bali. When I lived there and grew tired of the traffic of southern Bali, I’d go trekking in the countryside--one of my favorite places to be is Munduk. It’s a remote,tiny town sets on the hills between Bedugul and Singaraja in the North of Bali where local farmers grow rice and spices (mainly cloves, coffee, and cacao). 

Due to its latitude, Munduk is cooler compared to the southern part of Bali. During the colonial days, the town served as the mountain retreat for the Dutch, and some of their houses still remain today.

If you plan to trek in Munduk, don’t miss the Melanting Waterfall. On the way up, you’ll get to see wild macaques, the Buyan and Tamblingan twin lakes, and spice plantations.

Another place you shouldn’t miss is the panoramic Muncan, the village of the snake fruit growers (or Salak in Indonesian). Its lush rice terrace scenery has been compared to Tegalalang in Ubud, and its Tegal Waja River is a great rafting spot, an alternative to the Ayung River. 


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