Anthony Bourdain's The Layover
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Anthony Bourdain not only knows his way around restaurants and food; his adventures have taken him all over the globe, first in "No Reservations" and now in "The Layover." Here are his top 5-star recommendations, revealed week by week! (No celebrity endorsement implied)

"If you're willing to spend some bucks, I love the St. Regis. If you're looking to live large, particularly around Christmas season with all the shop windows on 5th Avenue done up and stuff … it’s pretty cool."

The St. Regis New York

This was where Tony based himself for all his food adventures in what is arguably the greatest food city on earth. Easy to see why--the Mandarin Oriental is right in the heart of everything.

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

The Raleigh offers a great bar, old-school interior and a nice pool. Tony recommends the Raleigh's gorgeous beach: "Another great place besides the pool...take out jet skis."

Raleigh Hotel

A "swankadelic" hotel in the city’s historical center. Tony recommends the Hotel de Russie if you want to "blow it out and live large…and pay bigtime for the privilege."

Hotel De Russie

"If you want to do the whole old-world British colonial thing"

The Fullerton Singapore

Tony has enjoyed staying in the Grand Hyatt Singapore for years, and in the Singapore episode of The Layover he's lucky enough to be upgraded to the Presidential Suite! 

Grand Hyatt Singapore