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by Hilary Stockton on 3/28/2017
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In early June 2009 a colleague and I had a business trip to Buenos Aires via Air France one week after their AirBus 320 crashed near Brazil. The swine flu epidemic had also just reached Argentina. Now, I’m not a...
Why go Lisbon is the great undiscovered capital of Europe, and people are starting to notice. Ethnic restaurants and swank hotels seem to be popping up around the capital as affordable pensaos and mom-and-pop seafood restaurants with views of the...
As I mentioned in last week’s column, there are two major reasons I mileage run. First of all, and most importantly, to be able to see parts of the world I otherwise couldn’t afford to visit. But a nice perk...
    Why Go A trip to the hot and sandy city of Luxor takes you straight to the heart of the ancient world.  Luxor, located in Upper Egypt, is a city surrounded by massive mountains and ageless temples.  Luxor...
  If you only eat at one upscale restaurant in Paris, try to make it a decadent lunch at Taillevent (Definitely call a month or more in advance for reservations). While some might argue that it's past its heyday, since...
Our family trip in the Dominican Republic started well—we got there without incident and had a great time at Club Med Punta Cana. It was the return trip that put us into Travel Hell. We were on an NYC-bound American...
Why Go It's not so much why go to Buenos Aires as why go home! Buenos Aires is filled with people who planned on staying for a couple of months, and just never got on that return flight (myself included)....
I might as well start by introducing myself. I’m finishing my senior year in college majoring in marketing, which probably in no way qualifies me to write about the art of business travel. But I look at school as more...
Some people might tell you you’re crazy for bringing along your baby or small child on a trip, and they do have a point—it can sometimes feel more like a change in scenery rather than a true vacation, since obviously...
How do you combat jet lag? Here are five methods that may help time zone-crossing travelers: 1.        Leave home well-rested. This may seem counter-intuitive (you may think, why not hit the plane utterly exhausted, so I can sleep?) but sometimes...
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  It's possible to be matched to a 60,000 bonus AAdvantage miles offer for the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select, by sending Citi a secure message. Recently I wrote that there's a 50K Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select offer without the 24...
UPDATE: Due to high demand, we are only accepting Luxury Circle Reservations of 2 nights or more from New TravelSort Clients. As usual, quotes are only available after submitting a completed and signed TravelSort New Client Form. Note the $50...
  The Chase Private Client Arts and Culture Card offers complimentary admission for the cardholder and guest (sometimes several guests) at museums and cultural attractions in NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Seattle, Florida, Arizona and Texas. It...
  NYC Restaurant Week for Winter 2017 is January 23 - February 10 (3 weeks). A 3-course lunch is $29, and 3-course dinner is $42. You can also register your AMEX card to receive $5 back with at least $35 in a single transaction,...
How was your 2016 in travel, including frequent flyer miles and points? For us, miles and points are very much a means to an end: flying international first class or business class to the destinations and luxury hotels and resorts...
  The top travel credit cards can come with high annual fees, which is why it's a good idea to have an exit strategy for cards that don't justify their benefits after you've earned the signup bonus. Here are three...
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