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by Hilary Stockton on 11/11/2014
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  Can Money Buy Happiness? That was the catchy headline of this recent Wall Street Journal article. I thought it would be interesting to look at some of the findings and how they relate to travel. Invest in Travel and...
Thanks to all who entered our Win Luxury Travel and a Virgin America Main Cabin Select Ticket contest. We were thrilled with the interest, on the Blog, Facebook and Twitter, where many of you posted your favorite travel advice from TravelSort....
  Sure, there are plenty of travel sites and blogs out there--but few give you the tools to save as much off luxury travel as TravelSort, whether it's flying first class for virtually free, or staying in an incredible 5-star...
  We've given away $800 of our $1000 in luxury travel over the last few weeks to celebrate 1000 Twitter followers and over 1000 Facebook fans. Congratulations to Charlene W. whose favorite hidden gem is Hotel de Russie in Rome and is planning to use her...
  We've given away $600 of our $1000 in luxury travel over the last few weeks to celebrate 1000 Twitter followers and over 1000 Facebook fans. Congratulations to Patricia S., who won last week! Patricia said she'd use the extra time she...
  Over the last couple weeks, we've given away $400 of our $1000 in luxury travel to celebrate 1000 Twitter followers and over 1000 Facebook fans. Congratulations to Amy K., who won last week! Amy said she'd use it towards a stay...
  Last week we announced that we're giving away $1000 in luxury travel to celebrate 1000 Twitter followers and over 1000 Facebook fans. Congratulations to John C., who won last week! We asked what you love most about staying in...
  To celebrate reaching 1000 Twitter followers, we’re giving away $1000 in luxury travel! Here at TravelSort we’re of course big fans of traveling well for less time and money, so what better way to show our appreciation for you,...
  The holiday season has really crept up on me. I still can't believe that Hanukkah is today, and Christmas is this Sunday. Now, if only I could convince family and friends that we celebrate Russian Orthodox Christmas (which is...
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How was your 2016 in travel, including frequent flyer miles and points? For us, miles and points are very much a means to an end: flying international first class or business class to the destinations and luxury hotels and resorts...
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